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B For Busy, A Review

B for Busy

Also Known As Myth of Love, This is a Love Story For Multiple Generations

What is The Movie About?

B for Busy is a love drama film Written and directed by Yihui Shao in 2021, starring Zheng Xu, Yili Ma, Yue Wu, Hongjie Ni, and Yemang Zhou. The story is about a divorced painter Bai (B),  who falls in love with Ms. Li, who is also divorced, but Ms. Li seems to be concerned about this relationship. B runs an art class at home to teach adults to draw, and Gloria is one of his students. Although Gloria has been married, her husband is abroad and hasn’t been home for many years. She seems to have feelings for B beyond the relationship between teachers and students. Peipei is Bai’s ex-wife. Although they have been divorced for many years, it is Peipei who betrayed Bai. Bai’s mother still wants them to remarry since they have a teenage boy. In an alley in Shanghai, the love story of a mid-aged man and three women expands.

Is It a Love Story 

The story begins with B watching a stage play with Ms. Li, who is very interested, but B falls asleep. From this scene, the difference in the personalities is clear, raising interest to see how the two characters expand their relationship. Throughout the movie, the director utilizes the details of actions to indicate the character’s feelings. For example, in the next scene, after Ms. Li and B watch the play, B is cooking breakfast with a romantic music background. Ms. Li, on the other hand, tries to escape from B’s bedroom to end the relationship. At this point, the director delivers the concept that Ms. Li is afraid of commitment, while B has a full vision of having a romantic relationship with Ms. L. Similarly, Director Shao continues to utilize facial expressions, movements, and even the positions of the characters in a scene to express the story plots and imply the hidden connections between the characters. By delivering the concepts indirectly to the audience with mise-en-scene (the setting of the scene, like costumes and blockings),it is interesting for the audience to discover and observe the goals of the characters. This movie is not a love drama about youngsters. It happens between mid-aged men and women, which makes it more fascinating for the audience to see romance presented in a different generation.

Presenting Relationships 

The implicit technique of delivering concepts to the audience requires the actors to present subtle reactions to state the character’s feelings with facial expressions and acting. B’s performance shows how much he cares about Ms. Li and his excitement about starting the relationship. This technique evokes interest in watching the movie and builds up a funny moment.

B for Busy

Ms. Li, on the other hand, is also a crucial character in the movie, since it depends on her to decide whether she accepts the relationship with B. Throughout B For Busy, the director shows Ms. Li’s change in the feelings toward B by using facial expressions. This inner bifurcation leads to different reactions of Ms. Li to B within, so the audience can see the clear difference in the interactions between the two. Hence, their performances are believable and subtle for the audience to understand. The story plot is also about B solving the dilemma between him and the other two women, his ex-wife, Beibei, and student Gloria. In the movie, the director utilizes the blockings to present the positions of the characters in B’s life and shows that B is trapped (“busy”) in these relationships. Overall, the audience can see the subtle details of the gestures, actions, and facial expressions of the characters to make the performance believable and consistent with the story plot. 

The Creative Use of Cinematography

Although this movie is a love drama, the story that happens between mid-aged adults making it an uncommon film and the creative cinematography is the other aspect that makes it special. The director utilizes specific camera movements to achieve fascinating transitions between scenes. For example, to present the characters having a party during the night, instead of showing how they party, the camera moves from the exterior to the interior to show the room is messy, but there’s no one in the room. In this case, it gives the feeling of emptiness after the party. In addition, it shows the inner thoughts of these mid-aged adults because they know that they will leave this world and their generation will be gone soon. Similarly, after B attends the funeral, everyone walks past him and leaves him alone in the back, indicating that he is alone as he suffers from his inner conflicts. Throughout the movie, the director utilizes similar approaches to present the inner conflicts and feelings of the characters by using mise-en-scene and camera movement to evoke similar feelings from the audience, which successfully achieves the storytelling process. 

The Overall Rating

Overall, B for Busy is an interesting movie. The director creatively utilizes camera movements, mise-en-scene, reactions, and movements to deliver the feelings and inner conflicts of the characters. The director successfully achieves vivid storytelling with these aspects and presents the love story between five mid-aged adults. The film subtly presents the relationship between B, Ms. Li, his student Gloria, and his ex-wife Beibei. The director presents this dilemma by utilizing blockings and camera movements to tell the audience that he is trapped in this situation. This will be the film that will make you laugh but also make you think and be gut-wrenching. 

B for Busy is available for purchase on Roku.

B for Busy

B For Busy (2021) Official Far East Films Trailer

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