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Fair Play Trailer Drops: All is Fair in Love and Hedge funds

Fair Play

This is Why You Should Not Date Your Co-Workers

The workplace is rife with competition – from which team member will be invited on their boss’ yacht, who gets the big promotion, to the coworker who knowingly eats a sandwich labeled with someone else’s name. (It was Jeanne, and the sandwich was very obviously labeled “Mary.”) In Fair Play, the corporate drama continues. Albeit, it focuses on a clandestine relationship that begins on the job.

A Cautionary Tale

This thriller is a cautionary tale of why one should avoid workplace romances. Usually, as these fizzle out, one’s only worries involve avoiding eye contact around the water cooler and undoing one’s muscle memory of playing footsie underneath the boardroom table during a boring presentation. However, in this film, the lovers take their passion to new heights – above the ankles in the form of screaming and breaking stuff.

Chloe Domont, the writer/director, has already garnered stellar reviews for this project. Upon its premiere at Sundance, a bidding war ensued, and Netflix scooped it up for 20 million dollars. Phoebe Dynevor of Bridgerton fame stars with Alden Ehrenreich of Solo notoriety. Although, this time, this actor isn’t going solo – he’s part of a toxic dynamic with his fiancé and a bunch of corporate shills. In the trailer, one suited fellow even smashes a desk with a golf club. (The only acceptable use of this sporting device.)

What Else Do We Learn From The Trailer?         

Emily (Dynevor) and Luke (Ehrenreich) work as financial analysts at the same hedge fund while secretly knocking boots and managing to keep their engagement under wraps. How Emily has the restraint not to post her future hubby all over Instagram is anyone’s guess – one can only surmise that she must really, really love her job or simply has run out of phone data.

Fair Play

The engagement bliss is fleeting, as Emily receives a coveted promotion over Luke. He pretends to be happy for her, but then the veiled jabs begin. For example, Emily kindly offers to buy a drink for her fiancé, who already looks half in the bag. However, instead of saying “thank you,” he retorts, “Now that you’re making more money than me?” 

Those who have had boyfriends who were unemployed and would passive-aggressively accept handouts, can relate. But this film isn’t about a female breadwinner who had to console their boyfriend when his car got repossessed as he cried in a bathtub at 2 am, this is about a woman who gets a promotion over her male lover.

From there – the drama escalates, and the heated one-liners are aptly inter-spliced, including one commonly spoken to coworkers daily: “This job. It’s killing us.” Arguably though, it has more gravitas when voiced over sexy people making out and everyday items getting smashed. Moreover, Emily is told, “You play that game very well.” Normally this would be a compliment, as women are inferior to men in all games – intellectual and otherwise – but in this case, sadly, the man is only admiring her manipulative prowess.

Final Thoughts 

Beyond the glossy exterior and thrilling voiceovers is a commentary about operating in a post #MeToo workplace. In an interview with the LA Times, Domont relayed that this film highlights the lengths women go to in order to “survive in that kind of world and with those kinds of men.” It’s a complex topic with many layers to unpack. Based on the buzz, viewers will gladly unpack it – akin to Mary’s sandwich that Jeanne unpacked and devoured.

Fair Play will be released in theaters on September 29th and then will find its way to Netflix on October 13th. 

Fair Play

Fair Play (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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