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Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Here Are Some of the Best Characters Alice Oseman Has Ever Created

Heartstopper is THE gay show. It had taken readers by storm when Alice Oseman first released it as a graphic novel online in 2016.  From there, the universe grew into what it is now. A two-season (and counting) show on Netflix with millions of fans. Not only is the writing fantastic, but the cast and characters are outstanding. Alice Oseman has written characters with all kinds of stories, and viewers have their obvious favorites. Think of this as a list of characters that should SERIOUSLY be considered added to those favorites lists.

1. Tori Spring

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Tori Spring (portrayed by Jenny Wasler) is the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. She’s known best in this story for waiting in the wings but is absolutely not afraid to stick up for her brother. Heartstopper is actually a spin-off of a novel written entirely around Tori. Tori is the protagonist and narrator of the novel, Solitaire. In the book, readers learn all about Tori and hear slight mentions of her gay little brother, Charlie. 

Tori Spring is a hilarious character with a giant heart. Her love for Charlie is admirable and something the viewers have in common with her. Easily one of the best characters in the Heartstopper universe. 

Her character shined during the family dinner scene between Nick and Charlie’s family. She overhears Nick’s brother, David, saying some rather hurtful things about Nick and Charlie. One minute we see her in the bathroom, the next she is kicking David’s phone out of his hand. Iconic protective older sister moment. 

2.  Sarah Nelson

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Sarah Nelson, better known as the best mom in the world, (portrayed by Olivia Colman) gives every supportive parent a run for their money. Sweet and caring, Sarah gives Nick the space to come out and be who he is. In the first season of Heartstopper, the car scene between Nick and Sarah where she asks Nick if Charlie is “a special friend” shows she knows, but audiences can see that she won’t say anything more unless Nick does. 

When Nick eventually comes out, she hugs him and thanks him for telling her. It was nothing short of a perfect reaction. She becomes even more iconic in the second season. During that same family dinner, she gets in the middle of a fight between David, Nick, and their father. She scolds him about his parenting ways and goes and comforts Nick and Charlie. She seems to be their number-one fan throughout the second season, if not cheering them on quietly in the shadows.

3. Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Some argue that Mr. Ajayi and Mr. Farouk are the true kings of Heartstopper season two. They would be correct. Readers fell in love with Mr. Ajayi in the comics, being the supportive elder gay Charlie could confide in and helping Charlie when the bullying got too much to bear, supporting him while he was trying to find his footing again. 

Season two introduced Mr. Farouk, a science teacher who is looking over the end-of-year GRC’s and chaperoning the Paris field trip. At first, he seemed to be a loud and annoying teacher, but then he told off Harry, and he soon became the top of the audience favorites list. 

Not only do these characters captivate audiences on their own, but together is a partnership no one knew they needed, giving viewers an older gay love story that is so incredibly heartwarming. Mr. Farouk admits that he didn’t know he was gay until he thought it was “too late,” never getting to have that schoolboy romance that Nick and Charlie are experiencing. Mr. Ajayi ensures him that it is never too late to have something that feels like that. 

4. Coach Singh

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Another elder gay and the super supportive adult title goes to Coach Singh! Since season one, she’s been on the side of good sportsmanship amongst peers and playing a good game of rugby. She welcomed Charlie to the rugby team and was nothing short of supportive of him through the whole process. 

Audiences get to learn more about her in season two, about the story of how she met her wife and her friendship with Mr. Ajayi. It is not so often that audiences see coaches in sports who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Having a character as small as a coach be gay speaks volumes to the nature of the story and the need for representation in the media. Her story was heartwarming and comforting to queer audiences, especially elder gays, proving once more that Heartstopper is for everyone, queer folks of ages with all kinds of stories. 

5. Isaac Henderson

Top 5 Underrated Characters From Netflix’s Heartstopper

Isaac Henderson, the best bookworm and sassiest friend of all time. Even though he doesn’t have much screen time, he sure knows how to captivate an audience. He’s super supportive of Charlie and his romantic dreams in the first season and even more supportive of their journey in the second season. If he were a video game character, his not-so-secret weapon would be a queer book. 

He gets more of a storyline in season two, one that is truly beautiful to see unfold. Gaining a love interest in season two, Isaac and James dance around each other, sharing some dialogue and even more glances. Viewers start to see something change in Isaac’s interactions with James. He learns along with Isaac that what he’s feeling is normal in that he’s not feeling anything at all for James. It is super beautiful. Isaac has a moment with a book called ACE: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex. That moment, when Isaac’s face shows audiences something so pure, the release of the burden on his shoulder, is truly one of the best moments in the entire series. 

Heartstopper seasons one and two are available for streaming only on Netflix!

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