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The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022); A Review


The Birth of a New Witch

The Witch: Part 2, directed by Park Hoon-Jung, is a science-fiction action movie starring Shin Si-ah, Park Eun-bin, and Jo Min-su. This movie is a sequel to The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. In this movie, the protagonist is not Goo Ja-yoon from the first movie; instead, the main character is Ja-yoon’s sister, Girl. This film talks about Girl’s growth and her feelings towards human beings. The film focuses on normal day-to-day living to depict a clear difference from Shin Shi-A’s laboratory life before she was adopted by Kyung-Hee. The plot describes how daily life affects Girl and how she helps her own humanity in order to become a human instead of just being a military weapon.

The Witch Meets the World

The storytelling technique used in this movie shows how the witch, the laboratory product, interacts with normal everyday life. The difference between the two is shown when the Girl escapes from the lab with machines, equipment, and the hallways filled with blood and enters a peaceful and quiet world. It’s at this point that the audience would realize that the Girl is just a teenage girl, and that she went through many uncommon and cruel incidents in her life. Moreover, the story focuses on the interactions between the Girl and Kyung-Hee’s family. It demonstrates how the Girl gradually understands human beings and gains humanity. Although this movie is primarily a science-fiction/action movie, it, unlike the first one, focuses on family relationships and morality. As the story builds, the audience can see the clear difference between the Girl and her sister from the first film, Shin Shi-A, since she is clearly not just a weapon but a teenage girl as well. Still, there is fascination to be found in the action and special effects used in the movie as the antagonists attack Kyung-Hee’s home, and the Girl begins to seek her revenge. The battles are exciting, and the special effects explicitly showcase the Girl’s power when she defeats her enemies. The director utilizes different plot points to present a sharp juxtaposition of the Girl’s experiences fighting crucial battles and the warm moments she spends with Kyung-Hee. From this film, the audience will be able to see an exciting action film that also contains very warm family scenes.

The Witch Part 2

Performances That Tell the Stories 

The performances of the characters are believable to the audience. For example, in the beginning, the Girl walks out of the lab and enters the forest. The look on her face presents a sense of loss, loneliness, and innocence through her facial expressions. At this point, the performance of the actor builds up a comprehensive setting for the audience to realize that the Girl is just an innocent child. Action, on the other hand, is one of the crucial aspects of the film. In the movie, the movements of each actor makes their telekinetic powers very believable along with the special effects. When the characters use their superpowers in the film, the audience can feel the kinetic energy by seeing the actions of the actors. And, as mentioned before, facial expressions are also very prominent within the movie. When the Girl encounters dangers like kidnapping, the character does not make any facial expressions but instead, remains calm and curious, which perfectly matches the background of the character since she has not experienced the world before, and she does not have any reason to believe she is in danger. The performances of the other actors also match the backgrounds of their characters. For example, as Kyung-Hee invites the Girl to her family, the audience can feel the coziness of the family because Kyung-Hee acts like the Girl’s older sister, and this embeds the warm tone that the family displays in the film. Overall, the abilities of the actors make the story believable to the audience and optimize the viewing experience of this action-oriented science-fiction film.

The Characters and Their Superpowers

The cinematography of the movie is fascinating and exciting to the audience. However, since the movie is an action film, the movement of the camera carries much of the weight of the film, and puts out energy when the characters take action. In the movie, the director utilizes quick camera movements like panning and tilting to present how much energy and momentum that character is carrying out. The cinematography of the film also displays long, suspended shots of the characters’ faces to leave a strong impression of the character to the audience. The director introduces the characters to the audience with slow movements, like tracking/dolly shots, but there are moments when, suddenly, the camera moves quickly with a quick pan shot to show the abilities of the character. In a lot of cases, it surprises the audience and increases the tension of the scene since the audience would think the character is powerful. But even besides that, the cinematography fully gets across the interesting and funny moments of the movie. In the film, the director utilizes quick cuts to show that the Girl is curious about the outside world and tells the audience that, although the Girl has been through many experiments and cruel experiences, she is still, again, only a teenage girl. The director utilizes cinematography to show the warm and cozy interactions between the Girl and the family and juxtaposes them with moments in which the family faces threats from the antagonists.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the way in which the director expertly utilizes the camera to present the storylines and the personalities of the characters is amazing. The movie is exciting and the warm interactions between the Girl and the family provide many moments of levity. This is a movie that would make the audience laugh, but also feel nervous excitement during its fight scenes.

The Witch: Part Two is available on Prime Video, YouTube, and AMC+.


The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022) Official Trailer

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