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The Dragon Prince Season 5 (2023): A Review

The Dragon Prince Season 5 (2023): A Review

The Dragon Prince Has Returned with a New Season, Giving Fans Hesitant Hope for the Rest of the Series After the Setback of Season 4

The emmy-award winning show is back with another installment in the Mystery of Aaravos arc, following main protagonists Callum, Ezran, and Rayla as they embark on a race against antagonists Viren and Claudia for Aaravos’ prison, the former preventing his release and the latter seeking to unleash Aaravos upon Xadia. After a disappointing season four, anticipation was high for the release of season five, as fans hoped it would delve more into the mystery of Aaravos and answer a few plot holes from season four. And though season five, the Ocean Book, introduces an array of new and intriguing characters and storylines, it still lacks in pacing and barely scratches the surface of the mystery of Aaravos.  

The Frustrating Saga of the Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince is written by Aaron Ehasz (writer and director of Avatar the Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond and directed by Villads Spangsberg. The beloved show stars Jack DeSena (Avatar the Last Airbender) as Callum, Paula Burrows (Freaky Friday) as Rayla, Sasha Rojen as Ezran, and Racquel Belmonte as Claudia.  Season one aired on Netflix on September 14, 2018 and quickly gained a worldwide fan base for its fantastical plot and quirky (but indeed lovable) characters. Season two was released to Netflix shortly after that. Then an electrifying season three put the series close to par with similar shows, including Avatar the Last Airbender, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and Voltron, Defenders of the Universe

And just when audiences thought the show was reaching its full potential with the brilliancy seen in season three, a four-year time gap lapsed before a disappointing season four. Season four was the first season to cover the Mystery of Aaravos arc, and though there was immense potential, the season fell flat. The pacing was slow, and the audience knew little about Aaravos, which is ironic since the arc is supposed to center around him. That being said, fans were excited for things to pick up in season five, and though in some ways it did, the pacing was slow once again, and fans still know close to nothing about Aaravos, a seemingly intriguing and complex villain. 

The different sidequests and parallel storylines weaving around the main plot do little to add to the story, thus, slowing down the pacing. The sun elf story was entertaining; however, there is no apparent connection to the main plot in season five, and the world-building overflows with so much potential that it convolutes the story rather than boosts it.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 (2023): A Review

Hope for the Series

However, not all is lost. Though many of the side quests seem distracting, fans can’t help but feel as though everything will eventually connect for an epic ending, much like seasons 1-3. Seasons one and two also struggled with pacing, but everything came together for the season three finale, showcasing everything the show can be and more. Fans are hoping for the same effect in the Mystery of Aaravos arc, giving fans hope for the series’ future, even if season five was not what fans anticipated it to be. For example, the sunfire elves storyline doesn’t seem to connect with the main plot; however, as season five tracks Karim, the banished brother to Queen Janai of the Sunfire Elves, one cannot shake the fact that his fight for control over the sunfire elf kingdom, will inevitably clash with Callum and Ezran’s plot. 

Shining Moments from Season 5

However, season five retains the series’s brilliant qualities, making it just as lovable and endearing as always. It includes a cast of complex characters and cute, cuddly creatures, reminding fans why The Dragon Prince is one of the best fantasy shows and still deserves respect, even if there are pacing issues.

Lord Viren (the main antagonist of seasons 1-3) and his relationship with his daughter Claudia remain one of the show’s most intriguing plotlines as Viren confronts his past while stuck in a dream-like state. Callum continues his journey to become a mage, mastering the ocean arcanum and reconnecting with his partner Rayla after their estrangement in season four. Ezran continues to build his identity as a king alongside the queen of the dragons, Zubeia, and with the help of his long-time friend Zym, the dragon prince, and there is a fantastic moment that serves as a reminder that there is more to Soren’s character than just his big muscles and cringy jokes. None of these characters are one-dimensional and pack the show with rich and compelling moments that keep fans invested long-term. 

The Epic Continues 

All the complex character arcs, coupled with the adorable creatures and the complex story of Zubeia, showcase why the series deserves its fanbase and recognition. Though season five is far from perfect, fans can’t help but keep returning for more, and anticipation for season six is already at an all-time high. There is no confirmed release date for season six, but fans know it won’t be far behind, as it has been confirmed that the series will go on for seven seasons. 

Seasons 1-5 are streaming on Netflix with a paid subscription.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 (2023): A Review

The Dragon Prince Season 5 (2023) Official Trailer

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