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Gross Horror Movie “All Jacked Up and Full of Worms” Heads to Blue-Ray

All Jacked Up

The Most Controversial Horror Film of the Year?

Typically when one hears they are “all jacked up and full of worms,” it’s after they fatefully decided to drink untreated water, or “raw” water as the wellness influencer had claimed. And it’s their doctor that’s informing them of these parasites, who is understandably pretty grossed out.

But we’re talking about a different breed of worms: the hallucinogenic kind. So let’s open this can of worms and dive into what the trippy horror film All Jacked Up and Full of Worms (2022) is about and why it’s dividing critics – dividing faster than a reproducing worm. 

What’s With All The Worms? 

Writer/Director Alex Phillips’ brainchild follows Roscoe (Phillip Andre Botello,) a janitor at a “love” motel, who ingests hallucinogenic worms – thereby jumpstarting his transformation at the hands, (or slimy tail,) of a gigantic levitating worm. Along his journey, he meets up with Benny (Trevor Dawkins.) And while drugs and traveling sound like the recipe for a buddy comedy; this is a twisted love story about the throes of addiction – more specifically, worm addiction. 

As Roscoe and Benny become enamored with one another, their palate for worms causes them to descend into chaos – a social commentary on addiction not unlike Trainspotting (1996.) Although in Trainspotting, Ewan McGregor hallucinates a baby on the ceiling during his delirium and in this film, Benny hallucinates a baby being birthed from an inanimate sex doll – a slight deviation from the cult classic.

All Jacked Up

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A Warped Filmmaker’s Mind Versus The Critics

Phillips’ film generated from a 2016 play he wrote, when he was trying to break into the movie industry. Since the film sector is notoriously unstable, it makes sense that his creativity would veer into some delightfully strange places.

Beneath the gross-out exterior of his film hides a poignant message. When interviewed by Filmmaker Magazine, Phillips said: “To put it simply, I wanted to talk about a yearning for normalcy and ‘a regular life,’ but also feeling totally broken and too fucked up to deserve that sort of thing.” Those that have worked as production assistants (the janitors of the film world) since they couldn’t take the corporate 9-5 slog, or just have questionable self-esteem, can relate to Phillips’ vision all too well. 

With critics largely on board at 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, this horror has solid promise, albeit the public has been more harsh with only 40% favorable reviews so far. This isn’t shocking because a viewer is either going to be able to stomach the grotesque moments or not. For example, in the trailer worms penetrate a man’s skin, like the scarab attack in The Mummy (1999). For those who freak out about the notion of chemicals being absorbed into their bloodstream via sunscreen, entertaining the notion of worms infiltrating their skin is next level horrifying. 

It’s worth noting that the one person you can count on to handle seeing copious eating of worms onscreen is your kid, who eats earthworms like they are skittles. But for the love of god (or worm deities,) do not let them see this bizarrely cool movie – at least wait until they can form complete sentences.

Check out this wild ride – free on Roku or order it on Blue-Ray.

All Jacked Up

All Jacked Up And Full Of Worms (2022) Official Cineverse Trailer

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