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The Nun II Receives a Chilling R-Rating: “Violent Content and Some Terror”

The Nun II

Things Are About To Get Freaky

Upon reading the title, some may wonder why the Vegas-performer-turned-nun-poser is now violent. But no, this isn’t a reboot of Sister Act II. There’s no worry about a school shutting down without Whoopi Goldberg’s choir help. However, there’s a pressing concern: a demonic nun on the loose. 

What Is A “Nun”?

A nun is a woman who dedicates herself to a higher power, taking on a life of poverty. Not to be confused with those who choose a similarly impoverished path: writers. Although, the only higher power writers worship is incessant ego validation for their “creations.” In addition, nuns live sequestered in a convent, whereas writers isolate themselves on their parents’ couch, or when kicked out, in truck stops waiting to be “inspired to work.”

Who’s The Second Nun?

The Nun II, a supernatural horror film, is the ninth installation in The Conjuring Universe. It’s directed by Michael Chaves (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It) with the screenplay penned by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Amelia Cooper, based on a story by Cooper. 

This film resumes in France four years after the conclusion of The Nun (2018.) A priest (Demián Bichir) and a nun trainee, Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga,) investigate a suicide at an abbey and face off against the demonic nun, Valek (Bonnie Aarons) – the same villain, who first appeared in The Conjuring 2 and later The Nun (2018.) 

The Nun II

Valek differs from other horror movie monsters since she’s not a computer-generated model and is instead played by an actress. Although her visage is partially obscured by her veil, her facial emotions can be detected underneath – adding to the terror. Because the more a monster is grounded in realism, the more it preys on innate fears.

And while nuns may unnerve those who attended Catholic school and had to answer to these religious authority figures, the Nun II takes fears to new heights – namely because Valak is a flying nun who can, in fact, levitate in the sky.

Why’s It Rated R?

Akin to every film under The Conjuring umbrella, The Nun II is rated R due to its “violent content and some terror.” Furthermore, Director Micahel Chaves told SFX Magazine that it’s darker than what fans have seen in other installations. Unfortunately, the supernatural horror didn’t receive the rating due to nudity, meaning the audience will have to look elsewhere for their lust for bare skin. One can only infer that because nuns wear so many layers in their habit, a strip tease scene would have been lengthy and, therefore, too costly to produce.

Warner Brothers will release The Nun II on September 8, 2023.

The Nun II

The Nun II (2023) Official Warner Bros Trailer

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