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Everything We Know About I Am Legend 2

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Some Of The Greatest Surprises Are Kept Under Wraps

In 2007, Francis Lawrence brought Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend to the silver screen. While this adaptation embraced certain creative freedoms, it remained steadfast in upholding the fundamental themes of isolation, survival, and the complexities of human experience. And it did so effectively, building success on its merits.  Lawrence’s dive into the potential consequences of an apocalyptic world undergoing transformative change was enthralling. The way Matheson was able to creatively devise a look into the dismal possibilities of a dark and foreboding dystopian future.was more than commendable. 

Taking it Back to the Source

I Am Legend is a science fiction dystopian novel with a terrifying tone born in the fertile imagination of Richard Matheson. It was a novel published in 1954 and is said to be inspired by such works as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, whose imprint is evident in Matheson’s rich characterizations. While Matheson drew from the wellspring of horror literature, he became a source of inspiration for successors who took up his mantle, including notable figures like Anne Rice and Stephen King, who lauded his profound impact. Matheson’s contribution to the genre was trailblazing not by inventing new concepts but by expanding the creative boundaries. As noted by Book analysis Matheson’s I Am Legend stands as the origin for cinematic explorations into global pandemics and catastrophic scenarios. Its weighty influence extends to other adapted films, including The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man, and the previously mentioned I Am Legend. Amazingly this work has kept its impact. Its thematic premise retains its relevance, and the undercurrent still moves audiences. There is no wonder that the mention of a sequel awakens such interest. 

So while not as expected, the idea of a sequel raises a fair amount of intrigue and inquiry about the issue of primacy being, in what ways could one expand upon the terrifying notions created over half a century ago? Ultimately, a successful sequel should honor the original’s thematic core while adding layers of complexity, addressing new challenges, and offering fresh insights into the human condition in a post-apocalyptic world.

I Am Legend: The Premise 

I Am Legend unfolds against a desolate and desiccated urban landscape. The once-bustling streets now bear witness to the magnitude of the catastrophic event that has unfolded. But all is not lost. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of one competent scientist, Robert Nevile. While grief has shaped him, his destiny is to become a man of legends. Amid the engulfing shadows of a world overrun by darkness, he stands resolute, unflinching in the face of grim reality. Amid this desolation, he positions himself as the vanguard. This forms the gripping premise of a narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, upholding its enduring brilliance.

Deciphering the Clues

For most fans, the 2007 film ended with little possibility of a sequel. Thus, it was a surprise when it was announced that over a decade later, fans would be getting I Am Legend 2. And now that we know a gripping follow-up is on the way, here is everything we know.

Initially, there was a great deal of conversation regarding whether there would be a need for I Am Legend 2. As most moviegoers know, Robert Neville is a critical figure who bites the bullet in I Am Legend. While deliberations leaned toward a prequel as a viable approach, Screen Rant reported that despite earlier contemplations, a sequel to I Am Legend ultimately received the green light. So, the question remains, how would a sequel continue the narrative? According to Screen Rant, I Am Legend Two would adopt a unique narrative approach; the sequel would present a branching narrative. As noted, I Am Legend 2 will continue the alternate ending of I Am Legend, in which Will Smith’s Robert Neville survives.

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Advancing The Plot 

While specific plot details are being kept under wraps, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has dropped some enticing breadcrumbs. In an interview with Deadline, Goldsman revealed that the sequel will transport audiences decades into the future, immersing them in a world shaped by the apocalypse. In the original story arc, Neville has risked life and limb to find a cure for the viral epidemic, which has turned a significant portion of humanity into nightwalkers. He discovers this new breed is not what he assumed them to be. But instead, he has found that those he has targeted as monsters needing redemption or healing are no longer the monsters. Not in this tale. Instead, the roles have reversed: Neville becomes the harbinger of fear and dread in this evolving world. 

And for those who wonder where Goldsman could draw his inspiration for this sequel. And as Screen Rant notes, Goldsman has delineated that The Last of Us is one of those works which has served as a springboard for the upcoming feature. The prevailing hypothesis suggests the new feature will explore a world where the undead have risen to power and established their own society, paving the way for an intricately layered and thought-provoking narrative. 


Characters are one of the primary pillars of a film. While the storyline is the foundation. The characters fulfill the vision holding up the story.  So, what do we know thus far about the cast? It has been confirmed that Will Smith will return to the role of Rober Neville. It is also noted that Michael B Jordan of Black Panther, Just Mercy, Fruitvale Station, and Creed will also be on board. While not officially confirmed, there is strong speculation that Alice Braga, who played Anna in the 2007 film, will also return for the sequel.  

Is there a Post-Apocalypse in the Near Future

Fans of I Am Legend have reason to celebrate as it has been confirmed the project is in the works. However, the anticipation is tempered. This stems from the absence of concrete release date plans, resulting from a combination of factors. Without a finished script, the gears of production cannot turn, ultimately leading to the absence of a defined release timeline. Compounding the timeline challenges is the ongoing influence of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) regulations. These industry dynamics could introduce further delays beyond what might be initially anticipated.  So when can viewers realistically expect the release? As noted by Screen Rant, it’s reasonable to project that if the sequel has successfully navigated its way out of what’s colloquially known as “development hell,” the most plausible release date could be 2026. While that is a ways off, it is something to look forward to.

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