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Jaws Franchise Swims to Netflix This Fall

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The Reason Why People are Scared of Sharks

Thriller and Spielberg fans rejoice as the entire Jaws franchise is coming to Netflix. The platform will be streaming all four films of the iconic franchise on September 1. It’s a good thing that summer is almost over, or people would be too scared to go for a swim.

A Real Splash

This four-part saga is why so many people worldwide are so scared of sharks or even being in open water. Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, who also directed the original Indiana Jones trilogy as well as other classic films, it’s no surprise that this film and franchise is still loved by so many people all over. News of the franchise coming to Netflix is also good timing, as the spooky season is approaching. Although technically not a horror film, Jaws was still largely responsible for creating a mass fear of sharks and their association as man-eating beasts. An adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name, Jaws has become a cultural phenomenon throughout cinema and horror.  

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Not a First for Netflix

This wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix has blessed its subscribers with a complete franchise. In the early half of 2023, the platform added the entire trilogy of Rush Hour. They also added a majority of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise onto its service. However, there were plenty of misses as well, as the platform has been known to release an entry in a film franchise out of order. As a platform known for its original shows and films, it’s always refreshing to see it add more classics to its library—bonus points for making it easier for viewers by having the entire franchise in one location. The terrifying classics Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3D, and Jaws: The Revenge will swim their way to Netflix on September 1.

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Jaws (1975) Universal Pictures Official Trailer

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