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Teaser for Adam Sandler’s Animated Film Leo Drops

Leo Main Image

Adam Sandler’s Fans Are In For A Treat

For fans of post Grown-Ups Adam Sandler, this latest release should put a smile on their faces. The teaser for Sandler’s new animated film has dropped, and people will have something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Releasing November 21, the whole family will have something to watch while the turkey is cooking.

That’s a Technical Foul!

Regardless of how some may feel about Adam Sandler and his modern work, there is no denying that there is an irresistible urge to watch every new film that he churns out. Answering the question “Will this be funny?” is too tantalizing to miss. This time around, Sandler’s latest at being funny will be in animated format. For true Sands out there (Sandler+fans=Sands), this will be his second attempt at an animated film. His first attempt was, of course, with 8 Crazy Nights, a film that many people genuinely seem not to want to remember. Filled to the brim with cheesy musicals and jokes considered offensive even by yesterday’s standards, it is the film version of junk food. 

This time, however, instead of being 2D animated, Sandler has chosen to go the 3D route. If nothing else, the animation in Netflix’s Leo looks at least decent. Based on the teaser and synopsis, viewers will watch Sandler in grumpy lizard form as he finally experiences life outside his small terrarium. 

Having spent most of his scaly life in a cage, Leo is ready to spend the remainder of his short life finally living. Also starring alongside Sandler is Bill Burr as his terrarium partner. The trailer shows a colorful animation style and references to Sandler’s other works, such as Billy Madison, with the phrase “back to school” being played at the end of the trailer. Overall, the trailer gives off a combination of Over The Hedge and Madagascar vibes.

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Partners in Crime

In what should be a surprise to no one, Adam Sandler is, of course, making this film in collaboration with Netflix. These two seem to have been enjoying a wonderful business relationship over the past decade, with various projects having been made between the two. Just a couple of such films include Hubie Halloween and Murder Mystery. Both films were filled with what can best be described as postmodern Adam Sandler humor, which is amusing in its own way. Most Netflix films, however, are a coin toss in terms of quality. Considering that this is also an Adam Sandler film, it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will turn out. Leo will be available to stream from Netflix on November 21 this year.

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Leo (2023) Netflix Official Teaser

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