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Kevin Hart In The Hospital With Abdomen Tear

Kevin Hart In The Hospital With Abdomen Tear

“I Got to Be the Dumbest Man Alive!!!”

Popular actor Kevin Hart, known for his roles in movies such as Die Hart and The Secret Life of Pets ended up in the hospital after tearing his abdomen as a result of trying to settle a bet against former NFL player Stevan Ridley.

How He Got The Injury

Kevin Hart recounts his story in a video that he posted on Instagram on Thursday. He says that he and former NFL player Stevan Ridley (known for playing for many different teams in the NFL, such as the Atlanta Falcons or the Pittsburgh Steelers) were trying to settle a bet that involved a 40-yard dash race. Kevin Hart says that while he was running the dash, he ended up blowing out everything. “Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors. I don’t even know what that is, but I tore them. I tore those too. I can’t walk. … This is 44,” he states in the Instagram post. He states that he is now in a wheelchair due to him trying “young man stuff.”

Kevin Hart In The Hospital With Abdomen Tear


Ever since he has posted the video on Instagram, Kevin Hart has had some feedback from friends and other celebrities. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wrote he “tore my adductor off my pelvis during a wrestling match. True story. You’ll be fine. You’ll grow a 3rd ball but you’ll be fine.” Will Smith responded with, “Getting older is REAL!! Heal Up, Kev!!” Steve Harvey said, “Welp if it will make you feel better at 66 I don’t even have abs or adductors, just use your stomach.” Tracee Ellis Ross offered up a “so sorry” and Jamie Foxx shared a “get well soon” message, both amid many laughing emojis. As for Ridley, he reposted Hart’s video and shared his own response about the situation. “It’s really not my fault,” he said. “Alright Kev, I’ve got to give it to you. You’re a comedian, everybody knows it. You’re a competitor, you’re an athlete. … Truth of the matter is you were feeling yourself – I tried to warn you.”

Kevin Hart In The Hospital With Abdomen Tear

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