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Never Have I Ever: Top Moments

Never Have I Ever

Reliving the Best Moments

With the conclusion of yet another Netflix show, Never Have I Ever is another hard goodbye. Those that were team Paxton suffered a huge loss with the finale. However, for those fans who were team Ben, everything seemed to fall into place. Devi had quite the memorable high school experience. From losing her dad to being completely paralyzed, then finally ending up at Princeton, the four seasons of Never Have I Ever gave us all the feels. Moreover, there was no question that Devi was at least a little relatable for most teens and even some young adults.

Like most shows about teenage girls, this show was truly a roller coaster. The audience watched Devi grow as a friend, as a girlfriend, and as a person. Devi went from a nerdy school-driven girl to a name that seemed to be on the lips of every person in school. For those who have never heard of the show before, it follows Devi, an Indian-American teenager who wants to be remembered and known at her school following the traumatic death of her father and number one supporter at her orchestra concert. Here are the best moments of Never Have I Ever to convince fans to rewatch it right now or watch it for the first time.

6. Nalini Unfriends Rhyah

Never Have I Ever 

Nalini, Devi’s mom, becomes friends with Rhyah, whose son Des, connects with Devi. Rhyah first enters the show seeming like a friendly and cool mom. Devi and Des hit it off and eventually start dating. Rhyah believes Devi is emotionally unstable and has too much baggage when Devi confides in her. She fears that Devi’s baggage will ruin Des’ bright future, so she forces Des to break up with her. Nalini, extremely upset and hurt by Rhyah’s actions, unfriends her. This was a big moment for Nalini. Some viewers might believe Nalini is very hard on Devi and not as understanding as she could be, considering they are both hurting post-Devi’s father’s death. However, this scene really shows that Nalini has Devi’s best interest at heart. She’s willing to lose a friend, even when she doesn’t have that many, because of Rhyah’s harsh opinion of her daughter. This is a major step in Nalini healing her relationship with her daughter.

5. Devi plays again

Never Have I Ever

After her dad’s death at her orchestra concert, the shock and trauma make Devi unable to play the harp again. Therefore, when Devi plays the harp, it highlights how much she has grown from the start of the series. Devi has newfound confidence and has gone through so much. She is slowly getting through her dad’s death and forming a better relationship with her mother. After such a traumatic event involving her harp and the person she cared about most in the world, it was possible she never played again. Her playing shows how she has moved on from her past self and is more accepting of her father’s death. Furthermore, she is working on being more selfless within her friend group. She is starting to not rely on popularity so much. As much as she cared about status at the beginning of the show, she seems to have a deeper understanding of her friendships, relationships, and her family members. However, she just started college, which will be a whole new experience for Devi, especially balancing college life with a long-distance boyfriend.

4. Devi and her mom find common ground

Never Have I Ever

Devi felt really alone after her father’s death because she felt she was left with a parent who didn’t understand her as well and was always hard on her. It was like her father was the good cop and her mother was the bad cop.

Devi and her mom always seemed to be butting heads, and they said multiple things in anger that they wished they could take back. By the end of Season 3, the two seem to find common ground as they both come to the understanding that they both lost someone they truly love and they want what’s best for each other. Furthermore, they bond over the uncertainty of the future as Devi realizes how much she loves her mom and fears losing her. Her mom changes her parenting style by letting Devi decide what’s best for her academically instead of forcing what she thinks is the best academically onto her.

3. Devi and Paxton Kiss

Never Have I Ever 

In Season 2, Episode 9, Paxton does the iconic window scene in the pouring rain. Many individuals have dreamed of their crush coming in through their bedroom window in a movie-like fashion, and Paxton has made that dream a reality. It especially helps when he looks like a 2000s heartthrob! After helping him get a good grade in school, Paxton feels more accomplished in himself and even more connected to Devi as he has gained feelings for her. Their relationship has certainly been a roller coaster ride. They started in a one-sided relationship as Devi only cared about using him to lose her virginity, and Paxton did not know who she was. The two even kissed in Season 1, but Paxton was pulling away from Devi emotionally. Now, the two kiss in Season 2, and the chemistry is truly there! Sophomore Devi would not believe all that had happened to her at this point.

2. Ben’s free Boink Coupon exchange

Never Have I Ever

At the end of Season 3, Ben gives Devi a free Boink Coupon. Devi arrives at Ben’s house and hands him the coupon, but the door closes without showing the viewers if it’s actually used. This was very frustrating and definitely brings viewers back for Season 4. For team Ben fans, though, there were a lot of jaws dropped and screaming. 

Even though Ben gives her the coupon, he is still surprised when she shows up at his door. Ben has strong feelings for Devi even if he gave her the coupon as a joke; there is definitely some hope there that it will be used. Devi seems to rely on Ben for a lot of emotional support despite the fact that they are academic rivals. She confides in him about fearing dying a virgin after her breakup, which is a little comedic, considering she’s still in high school. However, this proves she has deep trust in Ben, as she probably wouldn’t want most of her classmates to know this about her.

1. Devi and Ben Together!!

Never Have I Ever

After what felt like years of waiting (because it was), Team Ben fans were ecstatic to see that Devi and Ben finally ended up together! Seeing the two at college and spending time together was very calming and reassuring. Devi and Ben always had deep feelings for one another, no matter what was going on in their lives. The two have a lot of similarities as they place high value on their education as well as also seeking some higher social status. The two also seemed to experience a lot of loneliness. From even staying with Ben in Season 1, it was clear Devi was always going to have a special place in her heart for him. They also had unfinished business from their multiple kisses and “boink.”

This ending scene was like the final puzzle piece that brought together the picture. However, as much as it is an ending, drama seems to follow these two everywhere, so it’s probably just the beginning of their story. It was amazing to see these two come full circle from Season One. The two have grown so much individually and together.

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