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Dune: Part Two Amongst Films Delayed Due To Strikes

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Fans Will Have to Wait Until Next Year For The Anticipated Sequel

It’s been about three months since the Writers Guild began their strike, closely followed by the Actors Guild. Ever since, speculation has been floating around about the residual effects if the strike lasted longer than anticipated. Now, some of those consequences are beginning to come out of the woodwork, with the announcement of Dune: Part Two being delayed until March 2024. 

The Strike Begins To Take Effect

The delay of the much-anticipated sequel to Denis Villanueve’s Dune is just one of many projects recently announced in reaction to the continued strike of the Writers and Actors Guilds. Also on the list of delays are projects such as Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Kraven The Hunter, Tron: Ares, and untitled films from studios like Paramount and Universal. These strikes have also affected majorly ambitious productions like James Cameron’s Avatar series and Marvel’s Phase 5 and 6 release plans. Each of these projects has been halted in different stages of production, from pre-productions to adjustments on premiere dates, exemplifying the crucial role writers and actors play within the giant Hollywood movie machine. 

Film productions may receive priority coverage in regard to the strike, but television, both scripted and nonscripted, has also shown signs of distress. Major award shows have delayed their broadcast or revised their plans in hopes of an agreement being made between the Guilds and the AMPTP. Programs like the Emmys and Tony Awards either postponed to a later date or proceeded without hosts or writers. 

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Effects On The Oscars

Naturally, the question arises as to whether or not the Oscars would be affected by these recent events. But the Oscars have a history of dealing with strikes. Firstly, the Oscars face the same issues all other award shows deal with. The main issue is the reservation of both actor’s and writers’ willingness to participate in these events due to the moral qualm of rubbing shoulders with the studio execs they are currently protesting.

Like all media, viewership is king, especially for executives who seem primarily concerned with profit, directly correlating with viewership. To secure those ratings, the Oscars rely on the public’s fascination with celebrity. Without those famous faces filling the seats, the Oscars can count on a further drop in ratings, which isn’t a new problem for them but of much more concern with the added pressure of the strikes looming. However, this isn’t a new problem for the Oscars. In 1960, The 32nd Oscars decided to proceed as planned despite being in the middle of the last strike in which both writers and actors protested together. So there’s a precedent that the Oscars may continue, but at what price?

Unfortunately, negotiations have continued to stall between both guilds and the AMPTP as the strike nears its 120th day. With no updates or comments being released by either party, it seems delays are inevitable. Projects will continue to be halted, and with the news of Dune: Part Two’s delay, it’s evident the guilds are standing their ground.

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Dune: Part 2 (2024) Warner Bros. Official Trailer

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