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Saw X: Return Of Tobin Bell

Saw X: Return Of Tobin Bell

Director Kevin Greutert Says Film will Feature Tobin Bell ‘More Than In Any Other Saw’

Tobin Bell Returns For Saw X

The Saw franchise continues to go strong with the release of its tenth film installment Saw X. Not many franchises reach this rare milestone, but Saw is the perfect franchise for such an endeavor. With this tenth film comes the return of Tobin Bell, who is said to prominently feature in this film – more than any of Saw X’s predecessors. 

The Saw franchise has jumped through many hands throughout its existence, beginning with Saw (2004) directed by horror icon James Wan and written by Leigh Whannel, a talented filmmaker in his own right.  This first entry was extremely well received both commercially and critically, launching this franchise into the zeitgeist. Immediately after this film, James Wan left and was replaced by director Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed this film with Leigh Whannel sharing a screenwriting credit. Thus began the myriad of voices that would go on to contribute to the franchise over the years. Although Saw X is in the capable and familiar hands of director Kevin Greutert. Not only has Greutert directed two films in the franchise (Saw VI and Saw 3D) but he was also the editor on Saw 1-5 and Jigsaw. So it’s safe to say his experience within the Saw universe is extensive.

Saw X: Return Of Tobin Bell

Production Led By Saw Alumni

The return of Tobin Bell was a treat for fans when Greutert announced his casting in October of 2022. A crucial casting decision when the synopsis was also disclosed. Greutert also said this entry will feature Tobin Bell as his infamous serial killer persona Jigsaw more than in any of the other films in the series. The film returns to the franchise’s glory days, with Saw X being a direct sequel to the original Saw and a prequel to Saw II, a time when most would say that the series was at its best in both critical and commercial criteria. The script is penned between Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, who also wrote the last two films Jigsaw and Spiral. This entry is definitely led by some talented and experienced filmmakers, all who have been a part of other Saw projects and found success. 

Saw X is set to release theatrically September 29th after being moved up from its original October 27th release date.

Saw X: Return Of Tobin Bell

Saw X (2023) Official Lionsgate Trailer

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