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The Last of Us Season 2 Is ‘Ready to Go as Soon as Strike Ends’

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The Last of Us

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From videogame to TV screen The Last of Us, season one has only left viewers wanting more content set in the post-apocalyptic world. Most of this is due to the incredible writing of Neil Druckmann and Craig Maizan and the phenomenal performances by each actor, especially Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as the main leads. Since the WAG and SAG-AFTRA strikes, many are wondering about the show’s fate, especially since production is postponed. So what stage is The Last of Us, season two, at now? 

It’s Ready To Go 

The show is ready to start filming. Neil Druckmann recently confirmed they’ve “outlined all of Season Two and are ready to go as soon as the strike ends.” The show is ready to take its next steps once everything is up and running again and everyone gets to work on their terms. Craig Maizen further backed Druckmann up when telling Entertainment Weekly that “we were able to map out all of season two.” He continued by saying that he wrote and “submitted the script for the first episode and sent it in [to HBO] around 10:30 or 10:40 p.m., right before the midnight the [WGA] strike began.” This means the premiere episode of season two has been written and ready for filming since May. Hopefully, the amount of time brought about by the strikes means that season two will be as perfect as season one and garner the same results. 

What’s In Store For Season Two?  

Many fans were worried about the plot of season two and whether or not it would follow The Last of Us Part II. Staying true to the second game would result in a major loss for the TV show in terms of cast (fans who’ve played both games know). Luckily, news broke that the second game would be split across multiple seasons.

The Last of Us

Druckmann and Maizen confirmed this in an interview with GQ, stating, “It’s more than one season.” How many seasons will Part II span? That has yet to be confirmed. This means Pascal’s role as Joel is secure for a little longer than anticipated and might indicate that season two will stray away from the source material just a bit, a new change since season one has stayed very true to the games original plot. This change didn’t fair well with Pascal, as he told Esquire magazine: “It wouldn’t make sense to follow the first game so faithfully only to stray severely from the path,” when discussing his character in season two. It looks like this change will be up for debate when the second season is finally released. 

Ready To Dive Back Into The Apocalypse?

Regardless of what happens in season two, many fans will be waiting for the Emmy award-nominated show to make its comeback after the strikes end and see where the story takes us next. It may not follow the second game exactly, but it can be guaranteed that with the writing of Druckmann and Maizen, the show will not disappoint. For now, viewers have “The Last of Us” season one to watch on repeat on Max, and for those who want a little bit more content surrounding the show, there’s a new Last of Us attraction at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights! So hold on for a little longer until everyone gets the fair treatment they deserve and the strikes are resolved. In the meantime, remember: When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.

The Last of Us

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