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First Trailer For The Bikeriders Starring Austin Buter and Tom Hardy

The Bikeriders

Austin Butler Stars as an Outlaw Lost in a Dangerous Life

Regency and 20th Century Studios released a teaser image of the new film The Bikeriders a few weeks back that shows Austin Butler on the run. It was only a small taste of the movie by Jeff Nichols, but the new trailer is more than a healthy sampling.

The First Trailer for The Bikeriders

The first trailer for The Bikeriders is fast paced and chaotic and teases the story of a young biker caught up in a dangerous lifestyle while his wife tries to cope. Despite being only a look, it gives an astounding peek at the intense biker culture and its rise in the 1960s.

The first view is of Austin Butler in full James Dean mode fully emersed in the culture of the Vandals motorcycle club. Tom Hardy (Venom) co-stars as the Vandals president, and Jodie Comer (The Dual) plays in the third primary role as Butler’s wife who wants her husband out of his violent lifestyle.

Tracking the story is about Mike Faist’s character as a curious photographer who seeks to learn about the emerging culture of outlaw bikers.

What Is the Bikeriders About?

Based on the 1968 black and white photo book by Danny Lyon’s, The Bikeriders follows the fictional Vandals motorcycle club as it delves further into crime after emerging from humble beginnings. Benny (Butler) and Johnny (Hardy) have given their full devotion to the club, but their actions do not sit right with Kathy (Comer), Benny’s wife.

The Bikeriders

Having fallen for him at a young age, she thought she could change him, but as the violence escalates, she soon makes efforts to pull him back. Meanwhile, Danny Lyons interviews her about the life while also capturing the club for his famous photo book.

What Else Do We Know About the Movie?

The Bikeriders first opened at the Telluride Film Festival to rave reviews on August 31 and will open worldwide this winter. Alongside Comer, Butler, and Hardy, the film also features Michael Shannon (The Flash), Boyd Holbrook (Narcos), Damon Herriman (Justified), Beau Knapp (Seven Seconds), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn), and Karl Glusman (Nocturnal Animals).

Prior to this film, director Jeff Nichols also directed the Oscar-nominated films Loving, Midnight Special, and Mud, all of which are midwestern period pieces. Nichols also wrote the script for the film himself.

The Bikeriders is produced by Regency, New Regency Productions, Tri-State Pictures, and 20th Century Studios. It will receive its full theatrical release this winter on December 1.

The first official trailer can be seen below.

The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders (2023) Official 20th Century Studios Trailer

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