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American Horror Story: Delicate First Official Trailer Released


This Season Will Be Something Different

Ryan Murphy’s long-running horror anthology American Horror Story is back with its 12th season. AHS: Delicate is breaking away from the regular mold of every season and trying something new. Firstly, it’s written by Halley Feiffer instead of Ryan Murphy, bringing an exciting new perspective and atmosphere to the season. It will also be the first season based on a novel, Delicate Condition, by Danielle Valentine. At first glance, these changes and the trailer look like an exciting new journey with a fun cast and plot!

Fresh Faces And Familiar Ones

This season brings back a few familiar faces, such as beloved actress Emma Roberts, who will be playing the lead role of Anna Alcott. Other returning cast members include Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Leslie Grossman, Dominic Burgess, and Zachary Quinto. What’s more intriguing are the newcomers, specifically Kim Kardashian, who will be playing Siobhan Walsh. Other additions include Cara Delevinge, Matt Czuchry, and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez. The trailer dropped on September 6 and is currently trending at #2 on YouTube. Already, the season is shaping up to be a cohesive, grim story about fame, pregnancy, and the struggle between achieving two very different dreams. There is clear inspiration from Rosemary’s Baby, and the season is sure to make viewers squirm through haunting performances.


It’s Anything But Delicate 

The story follows Anna Alcott (Roberts), an A-list celebrity on the road to achieving one of her biggest dreams, winning an Oscar. Yet she has other goals in life that are equally important, including having a child, which has been a struggle for her and her husband over the years. Siobhan Walsh, played by Kardashian, seems to be Anna Alcott’s agent set on trying to push her stardom to help her achieve the Oscar she’s been dreaming of. While Anna’s husband, played by Matt Czuchry, is focused on having the perfect baby with his wife, it seems like he’d go to extreme lengths to make it happen. This already seems like a lot of stress for Anna; add in the horror pregnancy aspect, and it’s a nightmare. This season is shaping up to be a terrifying story that focuses on women’s bodily autonomy versus achieving their other goals and dreams. A perfect mix of reality and the supernatural. 

Creepy things start going down right after Anna gets pregnant. The first is that a woman is stalking Anna. It doesn’t take long for terrifying doctors to make an appearance, and it’s obvious that her pregnancy is not normal, as we get a clip of Cara Delevingne’s character looking concerned at the screen and not letting Roberts’ character see the fetus. The creepy inserts of cells injected in between the scenes set the tone for the season to come. Throughout the trailer, Roberts’ character spirals into terror and madness as her body changes due to the strange pregnancy. The spider motifs are clear as day and leave viewers wondering what is going to happen to Anna and her baby. Is it even a baby? Is it even human? Knowing American Horror Story, anything is possible and will surely make your skin crawl. 

AHS: Delicate premieres on Hulu on September 20th. Check out the trailer below and see what horrors await you! 


American Horror Story: Delicate (2023) Official FX Trailer

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