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Everything We Know About Disney’s New ‘Snow White’ Live-Action Remake

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Disney First Princess Is Finally Getting The Live-Action Treatment

Disney’s new live-action Snow White is a remake of the classic 1937 animated film. Snow White is actually the first Disney Princess, so it’s great that she’s finally getting a live-action movie along with Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Aurora, Ariel, and Belle. Not much has been revealed about the remake besides the main cast and the posted release date. There has been much talk about how this movie will change to present times both with its themes and character as the actress playing Snow White has voiced her opinions and feelings about the original story, which has gone viral on social media and even upset some Disney fans. There has been question on if the remake will have the dwarfs because of their controversial name. Furthermore, rumors have flooded in recently that the remake has been delayed and even scrapped. Here is everything known so far about the remake.

Not Just The Beginning

For those who have never seen the Disney classic, it follows Snow White, a young and beautiful girl deemed “the fairest in the land” by the evil queen’s mirror. The evil queen sets out to have Snow White murdered by a woodsman in order to reclaim her title as the fairest. Unable to complete the act, he sends Snow into hiding, where she stumbles into a house belonging to the Seven Dwarfs. They are very welcoming, especially after Snow agrees to cook and clean for them. However, she can’t hide forever as the Evil Queen is determined in her goal. The story is a musical as well as a fairytale. 

Disney first revealed the idea for a Snow White live-action remake in October 2016. At the Disney Expo, it was announced that the movie would be released sometime in 2024. For those who don’t know what the Disney Expo is, it’s the ultimate fan experience. It is a bi-annual event comprising three parts: a pop culture convention, a museum exhibition, and a gift shop. It is also where Disney announces and even shows pieces about upcoming movies and TV shows. The current plan is to have the movie released in theaters first and then be available for streaming on Disney+, similar to Disney’s most recent remake, The Little Mermaid, which was released to the streaming service on September 6. Also shown at the Disney Expo in September 2022 was a teaser trailer with clips from the movie.

Due to the prejudice themes involving the Seven Dwarfs, they have been removed from the title to make it just Snow White and are supposedly being reimagined compared to the original movie. 

All-Star Performance 

Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot are the current leads of the movie, with Zegler as Snow White and Gadot as the Evil Queen. Zegler was chosen to play Snow White in June 2021. She is a 22-year-old American Actress best known for her role as Maria in the new West Side Story, which gave her the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress -Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. Zegler also appeared in Shazam! Fury of the Gods and will also star in the Hunger Games prequel, The Hunger Games: The Battle of Song Birds and Snakes, which comes to theaters on November 17. 

Gadot was given her role as the Evil Queen in November 2021. The 38-year-old Israeli actress is best known for her movies Red Notice, Fast and Furious, Heart of Stone, and her role as Wonder Woman, which is featured in many DC Universe films.

Also joining the remake is Tony award-winning actor Andrew Burnap, playing a new character named Jonathan. Burnap describes his role in the film as a “Robin Hood-type” character. He further stated that his character doesn’t take anything too seriously. Jonathan brings humor and sarcasm to Snow White’s life while instead of looking for a prince, Snow White is more focused on finding herself. Burnap was on Broadway in 2019 in The Inheritance, which awarded him the Tony for Best Actor in a Play. 

Finally, only one of the Seven Dwarfs has been cast, with it still unknown if the others will be shown. Grumpy will be played by Martin Klebba. Klebba is an American actor and stunt performer. He is best known for his role as Marty in the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise. Klebba also appeared in such films as Mirror Mirror and American High School. 

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Release Dates And Controversy

The controversy of using the name ‘Seven Dwarfs’ has played a big impact on the storyline of the new film. Considering one of the dwarfs has already been cast, it’s unclear if Grumpy will be the only dwarf or if he will just be given a different title.

Currently, no official trailer has been released for the film, which has a budget of $100 million. Only the teaser trailer mentioned earlier was shown at the expo but was not given to the public. Disney’s live-action Snow White is anticipated to hit theaters on March 22, 2024. However, due to the actors’ strike, it is extremely likely that this date will get pushed back. The adaptation will be directed by Marc Webb, who also directed The Amazing Spider-Man.

The rumors about the remake being canceled seem to be untrue, as it was sparked by a Disney fake news account on social media. Other talk about the movie that has been anything but positive is Zegler’s opinion on the film. The actress has said in interviews and on other social media platforms that she has only seen the original movie once and did not like it. She’s very excited to have a woman empowerment movie, meaning the whole story of Snow White will probably be changed; to what extent, this is unsure. Zegler called the movie weird and even described the prince as a stalker, which angered many Disney fans. She also talked badly about the original narrative of the story being a “quest to find true love,” which many would argue isn’t even the plot of the movie at all. She notes that in her Snow White, she will not be waiting for a prince, which can definitely have some positive and negative viewpoints. 

A lot of fans of the movie want to see the live-action as being very similar to the original cartoon. If they want to make a princess that stands for woman empowerment, many argue it’s better to just make a new princess and movie to not ruin what has already been created. If the movie has changed too much, many fans of the original may boycott the remake.

Someday, The Princess Will Come

The Snow White live-action remake seems like it will change with the times, which will always have positive as well as negative feedback. There’s no way to say if it will be well-reviewed or not with no trailer and without the movie, as people can dislike the trailer but still enjoy the film. Due to the fact that the movie has such an all-star lineup, it is the hope of everyone that it will do just as well as its fellow live-action princess movies like Beauty and the Beast and the newly released The Little Mermaid

Unfortunately, the release date may change with the strikes going on in the media world, but Disney will make sure it lives up to its name. Keep an eye out for more information as it comes!

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Walt Disney Studios Official Trailer

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