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That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson Sentenced

That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson Sentenced

Actor Set to Serve 30 Years in Prison

Anybody who grew up watching TV in the late nineties/post Y2K will remember the roller coaster ride offered by That ‘70s Show. Be prepared for an even bigger roller coaster as actor Danny Masterson, who played Hyde in the popular sitcom, has been sentenced to thirty years following his rape trial.

Nowhere to Hyde

Prior to his convection, Masterson had been embroiled in a numerous court battles involving rape allegations. With the accusations originally being charged against Masterson in 2017, these legal battles have been going on for six years. The earliest assault was claimed to have occurred around 2003. Prior to these allegations coming to light, Masterson was a part of the Netflix original sitcom The Ranch, starring alongside Ashton Kutcher, who is another That ‘70s Show alumni. However, after these claims came to light, Masterson was promptly let go. His character, Hyde, was also noticeably absent from That ‘70s Show spin-off, That ‘90s Show. Featuring a vast majority of the original cast, Danny Masterson’s Hyde was noticeably absent.

That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson Sentenced


Masterson’s trial and conviction comes amidst a slew of allegations that have been levied against the Church of Scientology. Over the past decade, the church as a whole has received numerous hits to its public image as allegations of abuse have been made against famous members of Scientology, as well as the church itself. Even ex-members of the Church have come out to discuss the inner secrets of the church, as well as its toxic environment. Such members include Leah Remini of King Of Queens fame who has become an outspoken critic of the Church of Scientology. It also doesn’t help that during the Masterson trial, claims that the church coerced victims into not filing charges prior have also made waves around the media. It seems as more and more people become aware of the horrific allegations against the Church of Scientology, the more old buried reports of sexual assault and abuse seem to be brought to light. 

Stay tuned for more information on this trial.

That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson Sentenced

ABC News Video on the Trial

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