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Netflix’s One Piece Season One: Who Was The Smokey Man In The Last Scene?

Netflix's One Piece Season One: Who Was The Smokey Man In The Last Scene?

Secret Smokey Man?

Netflix’s One Piece showcased so many different characters; some looked amazing and others looked just fine. However, there is one character who made a surprise appearance twice, in the beginning of the show and at the end! The smokey man with the white hair. Just who is this guy?

What Happened in the Extra Scene?

Who was the smokey man in the very last scene of Netflix’s live adaptation of One Piece? The trend that Marvel started with throwing in one last scene at the last second or after the credits struck again. The scene sneaks up on viewers and can easily be missed, since it comes after the Netflix logo comes back on. Usually this means the episode, season, or series is over, but Netflix had a surprise for fans. The surprise came in the form of a new character who will no doubt be a main focal point in season two. Whenever that gets greenlit, that is. The scene opens with a man clouded in smoke, sitting at a desk. The man has white hair and a white jacket with black ruffles at the wrist. The smokey man is looking over the newly printed wanted posters of the straw hat pirates. More specifically, he is looking at Luffy’s poster. The smokey man then presses a lit cigar against the wanted poster, while also having another cigar in between his middle and ring fingers. He lights the poster on fire, and we see Luffy’s face slowly burn away with the paper. Is this man a villain? Another bounty hunter like Zoro used to be? Or maybe he just has something against Luffy himself. The scene itself explains nothing at all but does a good job at making fans excited for the future of the show. Those who are fans of the world-renowned manga and anime may know the man’s identity. After all, he is a fan-favorite within the One Piece world.

Who is the Smokey Man? 

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not read the manga or watched the anime.

That’s right, the smokey man is Smoker! One of the most powerful and renowned Marines captains will be making their debut in the next season. Hopefully. Within the original manga, written by Eiichiro Oda, Smoker debuts in chapter 97 and in episode 48 of the anime. Like Luffy, Smoker ate a devil fruit that gave him special powers. The fruit he ate has many different names and translations, but fans mostly know it as the Moku Moku no Mi, the Plume-Plume Fruit, or Smoke-Smoke Fruit. This fruit allows him to control smoke around him and even make his body turn into smoke as well! This makes Smoker a worthy adversary of Luffy and anyone else who encounters the Marine. It’s hard to classify Smoker as a villain or ally. In the manga and anime, he is sometimes on the side of the straw hats. Other times, like when he is first introduced, he has a huge vendetta against them and will do anything he has to in order to capture or kill them.

Netflix's One Piece Season One: Who Was The Smokey Man In The Last Scene?

In a flashback that happens in the beginning of the show, where Gold Roger is being executed in front of a large group of people, a young smoker can be seen, along with many characters that are brushed by or hidden for fans to spot. The first season of Netflix’s One Piece gave several references towards Baroque Works, so many fans might have expected a different villain to be introduced, but it’s likely that a major hook-handed villain will show up in the second season. Especially since before the straw hat crew can cross into the treacherous Grand Line, they are headed towards Loguetown for a small pit stop. 

How Does He Fit In? 

​​Since the live action version of Netflix’s One Piece will be heading towards Loguetown, this cameo makes perfect sense. In the manga, Smoker makes his debut in Loguetown. Where the smokey man will be within season two is still unknown to everyone except the writers, who supposedly have already written the second season. Since the first season showcased many different arcs within its eight episodes, the second season will most likely do the same thing. While Smoker should be in the second season, for how long and how big of role he will play in it is still under speculation. Other villains could make their debuts, and others like Buggy the Clown Pirate could return. There is a full plethora of characters that the One Piece world can choose from. For example, another character that fans might see in the second season, since Smoker will mostly be one of the main antagonists in season two, is Tashigi, a Marine officer under Smoker himself. If the writers stick with how the manga showcases Smoker, fans may see him even after season two! This is because in the manga, Smoker leaves his post in Loguetown to pursue the straw hat pirates wherever they may go, even into the Grand Line itself. All of this is assuming the show runs that long, never know with Netflix these days.


For those who are new to One Piece, fans can expect a rough, gritty, no-nonsense type of character with Smoker. It will be fun to see how the actor and writers portray this incredibly well-known and beloved character, even though he will be a technical villain. Now everyone will be glued to the news coming out of Netflix until they finally announce that season two of One Piece is a go. Hopefully the straw hat pirates’ dreams don’t go up in smoke! Watch the live action version of One Piece on Netflix now!

Netflix's One Piece Season One: Who Was The Smokey Man In The Last Scene?

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