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Lessons in Chemistry: Trailer Breakdown

lessons in chemistry trailer

Brie Larson Embraces a Powerful New Role

Politics seeps into every corner and crevice in the world, including in the kitchen. Lessons in Chemistry, a novel written by Bonnie Garmus, will soon hit the screen on Apple TV+ on October 13th and will shine a light on women’s struggles in a patriarchal society. The show was created by Lee Eisenberg, who is known for writing and producing shows and movies such as The Office and Bad Teacher. The first season will run for eight episodes and is set in the 1950s and 1960s, right before the second wave of feminism began to pick up. The trailer, released on September 14th, places emphasis on women’s struggles. With the recent surge in films about female empowerment, such as Barbie and Bottoms, Lessons in Chemistry fits the trend and looks like a promising project. 

A Powerful Story and Cast 

The story follows Elizabeth Zott (played by well-known actress Brie Larson), a brilliant chemist on the verge of a breakthrough. Yet her dreams are put on hold due to the patriarchal system in place because a “pretty lab tech” apparently can’t have intelligence and ambition. As a result of this, her life quickly takes a detour, and her enjoyment of cooking ends up landing her the opportunity to become the host of a TV show titled “Supper at 6 PM.” 

Larson’s character quickly grows in popularity and is pushed by her friend Harriet Slaon, played by Aja Naomi King, to take advantage of her platform because she’s “got something that almost no one has.” Everything takes off from there. Elizabeth Zott becomes a voice for women and housewives everywhere during this oppressive time for them. While trying to navigate her fame, Elizabeth also struggles to maintain her personal life with her husband and child. 

lessons in chemistry

Alongside Larson and King, the cast features Lewis Pullman as Calvin Evans (Larson’s on-screen love interest), Stephanie Koenig, Kevin Sussman, Patrick Walker, Ashley Monique Clark, and Thomas Mann. With all this star power, the series is expected to deliver powerful performances. 

A Promising Message

By simply watching the trailer, it is clear that the show will dive headfirst into important topics such as feminism and the treatment of women, but it will also look at the racial issues that divide America. There is a small scene in the trailer that showcases a protest in support of Black lives. Although this is set in the 1950s, it’s evident that many of the issues and topics blend into the issues we are still facing in society today. So far, the series seems to balance drama and the intertwining of social issues well, creating a thought-provoking and compelling viewing experience. It’s a big middle finger to the societal structures that are still in place and shows people that they have the ability to make change, even if it’s not in the way they initially thought. 

Tune in on October 13th when Lessons in Chemistry‘s first episode starts streaming on Apply TV+.

lessons in chemistry trailer

Official Lessons in Chemistry Apple TV+ Trailer

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