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Trailer For The Final Season of ‘Sex Education’ Shows A Struggle Sending Nudes

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“Get Your Tissues Ready, Let’s Finish Together”

Typically, when one struggles sending nudes, it’s because the lighting isn’t quite right. Is the reflection in the mirror of the Crypt Keeper accurate to what I’ll look like in 5 years when all collagen has been depleted from my see-through skin? But more importantly – is it wrong to be texting nudes from inside a Kmart changing room? And why are there so many mirrors at different angles, causing my multiplication by hundreds, and which angle is least harrowing to elicit a sexual reaction? It’s hard to tell, so it’s best to send the whole album. 

But this isn’t about a translucent woman’s struggle to send lurid photos to her suitor. This is about the TV series Sex Education, revealing the trailer for its final season. Netflix released it along with the instructions: “Get your tissues ready, let’s finish together” – which is quite raunchy or simply sentimental, depending on your loose interpretation. 

What’s The Series About?

Created by Laurie Nunn, the British comedy series centers on teenagers navigating their sexual feelings while attending secondary school. The lead is Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who has a complicated view of sex due to his relationship with his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson.) She’s a sex therapist with her own proclivity for sex but lacks the stability to hold down long-term relationships.

As the series progresses, Otis’s friend Maeve (Emma Mackey) influences him to get over his reluctance to embrace his sexual curiosity. Together, they set up a sex therapy clinic within their school, which proves to be a hit amongst the students. However, things start to crumble when Otis realizes he is attracted to his intelligent, independent lady friend.

When we jump forward to Season 4, distance is the problem facing the potential lovers. Maeve begins university in the United States, while Otis and his friends are at a different college back home. Both are maneuvering new cultures and relationships within their respective institutions. 

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What Happens In The Trailer For Season 4?

The trailer opens with Maeve sending Otis a shot of her “décolletage.” And Otis, despite the lengthy grooming he undergoes, debates whether he’s going to reciprocate with an erotic pic. Shortly thereafter, there’s a montage of teenagers fornicating, and one even takes part in a solo adventure.

The sexual imagery doesn’t end there. Furthermore, an art teacher asks her student what she’s painting, and the student matter-of-factly replies, “boobs.” She’s right – it definitely looks like tits.

Then we learn that there’s a second sex therapist on campus, so Otis has competition for his sex clinic. Speaking of sex therapists – Jean now has a baby, and she reveals her previous partner left her “because he’s not the father.” In addition, the emotional tension between Otis and his mom escalates, with Otis lamenting that he “still needs a mum.” 

Otis may have a bonafide sex clinic, but his romantic problems follow him. It’s evident he misses Maeve when he says to her over the phone: “People are doing all these new things and sometimes feel like I’m getting left behind, and I don’t know that you’re coming back.” Although, we can hold out some hope for their reunion. The last scene in the trailer is a swain Otis holding a bouquet of flowers and Maeve sauntering toward him, perhaps clueing us into how they will end up together. 

Final Thoughts

Being a teenager sucks badly, and in today’s world, sharing nudes has gotten so complicated. Sometimes, you just wish you could go back to the good old days depicted in the Titanic (1997) – when Jack painted Rose like one of his French girls. The impoverished young man had the artistic license to embellish her best features, and she didn’t have to worry about him giving copies to his friends. (He had no friends.) 

Netflix’s highly revered series will conclude with an eight-episode season on September 21.

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Sex Education: Season 4 (2023) Netflix Official Trailer

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