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Witness The Early Stages of Possession In New “Exorcist: Believer” Clip


Evil Takes Root in a Brand New Clip

The Exorcist: Believer will soon hit screens on October 6th of this year, and many have split opinions about this movie ever since the trailer dropped. Some are excited, while others worry it will tarnish the original The Exorcist from 1973. The movie will act as a sequel to the original, ignoring the previous films in the franchise. It’s going to function as a remake-sequel. A requel, if you will. The upcoming movie is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green and Peter Sattler. There are a few other hands in the mix, including Danny McBride and Scott Teems, who are also working on the story. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions works as a producer, as will David C. and James G. Robinson through Morgan Creek Entertainment Productions. That’s a lot of hands on deck. Having too many individuals working on this movie is slightly worrisome because too many opinions could hinder the project’s full potential, but so far, the trailer seems promising and holds up well as a standard horror movie. A clip was recently released by the Universal Pictures YouTube channel that gives viewers a look at Angela and Victor’s relationship and a glimpse at how possession begins in the movie. Nothing can top the original; that’s a fact, but one can’t deny that The Exorcist: Believer seems like a good follow-up as the reboot franchise begins. 

What We Know So Far

Here’s a quick breakdown of the plot and characters involved before jumping into the clip that was released. Based on the trailer, the story will follow two families this time instead of one. The two daughters at the center of the narrative are Katherine, played by Olivia Marcum, and Angela Fielding, played by Lidya Jewett, who goes missing for three days when venturing off into the woods. When they return, not remembering anything from those three days, it’s evident that something is wrong. Victor Fielding, played by Leslie Odom Jr., reaches out to Chris MacNeil to get to the bottom of things. This is where the icon Ellen Burstyn comes in, as she reprises her role from the original film. What happens from there? Nobody will know until they watch the movie, but we do get a sneak peek into the father-daughter relationship and the beginnings of demonic possession with the new clip that has been released. 


A Glimpse Into The Story 

The scene starts at the Fielding’s home as Victor sits at Angela’s bedside and asks her what she and Katherine were doing in the woods. This prompts several little flashbacks of the two girls in the woods while Angela explains to her father that she “wanted to talk to Mom.” Angela continues telling her father, “Sometimes I hear her voice, you light a candle, clear your mind, and you start speaking what the spirit says to you.” It feels a little expository, but in the case of horror movies, it works. What adds to the creep factor are the juxtaposing shots of the priest at church intercut with the two girls performing the ritual in the woods. Victor tries to probe further, but a figure appears behind him (a cheap yet somewhat effective jumpscare) that prompts Angela to shut down the conversation because of the demon present. 

It’s a solid scene overall. It establishes the father-daughter relationship well while also giving viewers background on the family they are about to invest their time in when they watch the movie. It’s clear that Victor is concerned about his daughter, and Leslie Odom Jr.’s performance alongside Lidya Jewett makes for a great on-screen pairing. It was also a great way to gain insight into how the universe works in this new reboot. It gets people excited for what’s to come without giving too much away. Here, communication with spirits seems fairly simple, as Angela explained, which makes it plausible that two girls could have stumbled upon a demon quickly, thus making possession easier too. This brief explanation helps viewers sympathize with the kids, especially considering Angela’s backstory with her mother. It doesn’t seem farfetched that two young, impressionable girls (much like Reagan was) would end up in a situation like this. This clip gave just the right amount of information to viewers to get them hyped for the movie. 

 The Exorcist: Believer will be in theaters on October 6th. 


The Exorcist: Believer (2023) | Angela & Victor

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