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A Twisted New Trap is Revealed in New Clip for ‘Saw X’

Saw X Has All New Traps Mateo's Trap

John Kramer Returns with a New Slew of Traps That Will Make Even the Toughest of Viewers squirm

Director of Saw X, Kevin Greutert, continues to entice fans by releasing a clip of a new and twisted trap set by John Kramer. The test trap,  nicknamed Mateo’s Trap, after what is assumed to be the victim’s name. The film is set for its theatrical release on September 29, 2023, a month earlier than initially planned. Greutert has promised fans the eleventh installment will be the franchise’s most gruesome yet, and judging by the clip of Mateo’s Trap, Saw X will do just that.

Mateo’s Trap  

The new clip features a young man, Mateo, strapped to a devilish-looking contraption where his arms and legs have limited use, and his head is encapsulated within a metal headband. Mateo looks up to see a camera pointed at his partly shaved scalp as if prepped for surgery. Mateo’s panic really starts to kick in when Billy, Jigsaw’s puppet, wheels in on his iconic tricycle, carting a tray of sinister-looking medical tools toward Mateo. Among the medical devices lay a recorder labeled ‘Play Me,’ which Mateo picks up just as the clip ends. 

Saw X Has All New Traps Mateo's Trap

Knowing the upcoming film’s plot, the trap seems to be an obvious revenge plan. Saw X occurs between Saw l and Saw ll and follows a desperate John Kramer as he heads to Mexico for an emergency procedure to remove a deadly tumor from his brain at a steep price. Sometime later, Kramer discovers he was duped and that the cancer tumor was never actually removed. In turn, Kramer kidnaps every person who was part of the scam and elicits his revenge Jigsaw style. Understanding the premise, seeing the shaved part of Mateo’s skull, and watching Billy cart in the medical devices, viewers have a good guess as to just how Jigsaw plans to exact his revenge. 

Witness the Revival of Jigsaw

Saw fans are thrilled to see the return of not only Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and his beloved puppet but also his assistant, Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith), who is seen playing along in Kramer’s sadistic games. Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger wrote the script, while the film is produced by Twisted Pictures and distributed by Lionsgate. Don’t miss the bloodbath John Kramer has planned for his latest victims in the Saw franchise’s upcoming installment. 

Saw X is scheduled to hit theaters on September 29.

Saw X Has All New Traps Mateo's Trap  

Saw X (2023) Official Lionsgate Movies Clip

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