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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter

Netflix’s Thriller Features Compelling Plotlines Alongside Family Drama

Netflix’s latest series has managed to captivate audiences with its thrilling plot lines and complex family dynamics. It follows the story of a mother who is forced to make several agonizing decisions regarding her past. It also forces viewers to think how far a mother would go to protect the ones she loves, especially her children. 

Who Is Erin Carter is an original series that will surely keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Here’s everything audiences need to know regarding the Netflix original.


Who Is Erin Carter is a limited series that follows a beloved mother and substitute teacher Erin Carter. Carter teaches at a Spanish International school in Barcelona and is a woman who seems unassuming to most. She is devoted to her daughter and husband and all the other responsibilities that come with being a mother.

 She is forced to come face to face with her past unexpectedly causing several unforeseen events to take place. Erin must rely on her instinct and mother’s intuition to protect her family and community.

Captivating Cast 

In recent years, Netflix has been known to sign on some of Hollywood’s best actors. However, it’s great to see a series that doesn’t rely on name-casting to get views. Instead, audiences get to see new talent and not the same handful of actors that seem to be in nearly every TV show and movie.

The cast was able to bring to life the various complexities of each of their characters. They were also well-written with well-rounded personalities, which made them and the show as a whole have a sense of realism despite its high stakes and action-packed setting. 

The two stand-out performances were, without a doubt, Evin Ahmad (Erin Carter) and Indica Watson (Harper), who is Erin’s 10-year-old daughter. This mother-daughter relationship is at the heart of the show and explores the various ups and downs Erin and Harper go through throughout the season. A notable difference between the mini-series and other productions is that Harper being only ten adds a different dynamic to the series. Instead of Erin and Harper having to navigate their relationship with teen antics, the storyline revolves around Erin trying to protect Harper from the dangers of the world and her checkered past. 

The relationship dynamic between Carter and her partner Jordi Collantes (Sean Teale), who works as a nurse, is also one to watch. Just like Carter herself, their relationship seems unassuming and mundane as they navigate everyday life. But, with both of their hectic work schedules and as more of Carter’s past comes to light, the couple starts to experience tension and is forced to make several grueling decisions throughout the series as they attempt to protect one another and Harper.  

Who Is Erin Carter

Critic vs. Audience Reaction 

Even with the series doing well so far, many critics have said the show’s plot is predictable and unoriginal. However, audiences seemed to favor the show, as evidenced by viewership. Even with the show having some predictable aspects as a whole, there was a great amount of suspense and interesting dynamics between the various characters.

There is also a notable disconnect between studios and audiences. Of course, studios are profit-driven, causing them to follow the money in terms of projects they decide to greenlight. It’s great seeing a large streaming platform such as Netflix take more risk when it comes to the content they produce. Who is Erin Carter had no built-in audience or established fan base, which can often be seen as too big a risk for studios and streaming services, however, it appears the risk paid off.

It’s also great to see Netflix do more original content. In a world where so many TV shows and films are remakes or adaptations from novels, original content does not go unnoticed. It’s also worth noting that Netflix has had several successful original projects, including Emily in Paris, You, and Never Have I Ever. These shows have all had great success for several seasons, further proving that audiences are looking for more original projects. Hopefully, more platforms will take note and produce more original content.

Charting Well 

The series was first released on August 24th and charted well in its first few days on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S., climbing to the coveted number-one spot. In its first week of release, the action series knocked the highly anticipated docuseries Deep v. Heard to the number two spot. Who Is Erin Carter also managed to stay in Netflix’s Top Ten TV Shows list for its first two weeks of release. 

Due to its viewership of 13.2 million in its first week of release and the show’s overall success, there could be a second season. Given the series’ endless action sequences and Carter’s past, there’s no telling what the plot for a second season would look like. All in all, Netflix has managed to create a compelling and thrilling limited series that is sure to please audiences everywhere. Who Is Erin Carter can now be streamed only on Netflix.

Who Is Erin Carter

Who is Erin Carter (2023) Official Netflix Trailer

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