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New Trailer for Hulu’s Ghost Hunting Series “Living for the Dead” Produced By Kristen Stewart

New Trailer for Hulu's Ghost Hunting Series "Living for the Dead" Produced By Kristen Stewart

Ghost Hunters Take the Screen This Halloween Season

Hulu is ramping things up this fall for “Huluween,” as the trailer for Living for the Dead just dropped! The show follows five queer ghost hunters as they go across America, contacting spirits from beyond the grave. What’s their main goal, you may ask? To help heal the dead souls who are unable to pass on. Pretty wholesome when you think about the content of the show. The show was created by Scout Productions, which is also behind the show Queer Eye, created by David Collins and Michael Williams. It’s also produced by and partially stars Kristen Stewart, who has been thinking about putting this show together for a while. In a statement, Stewart said that the show “started as a bit of a hypothetical silly pipe dream, and now I am so proud to have shepherded something that is as moving and meaningful as it is truly a gay old time.” It’ll be interesting to see Stewart in another role for the screen other than being in front of the camera. Let’s see what this show has in store for this upcoming spooky season, when all the episodes drop on October 18th of this year. 

The Crew 

Here’s the team that will be center stage as they lead you through this haunting experience. First is Ken Boggle, The Tarot Reader, with 31 years of experience in the field. Next is Alex Le May, also known as the Tech Guru. They’re here to handle all the equipment and make sure they get quantifiable evidence of any paranormal activity they encounter. Logan Taylor is the resident psychic on hand. Throughout the trailer, he is referenced as “one of the best mediums [they’ve] ever seen.” It seems like Logan will be the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. The paranormal researcher goes by the name of Roz Hernandez, who is here to get all the information about the locations and spirits wandering the area. Finally, Juju Baeis a witch who’s ready to hold any seance (or gay-eance, as they call it on the show) needed. Viewers also got a glimpse of Kristen Stewart on the scene, even though she might not be a crucial member of the ghost-healing gang. Based on the trailer, this seems like a fun group that will bring laughs and great one-liners to the frights unfolding on screen.

New Trailer for Hulu's Ghost Hunting Series "Living for the Dead" Produced By Kristen Stewart

The Premise 

It’s a pretty simple concept that is very similar to ghost hunting videos on YouTube, such as Sam and Colby or even the Unidentified with Demi Lovato show. The cast of five will be visiting haunted locations such as the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona, and the Waverly Hill Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. The main thing that separates this from other ghost hunting expeditions is that the group isn’t trying to prove ghosts are real; they already believe it and are trying to help them. The diverging mission is what makes this show intriguing, and only watching it will showcase how everything plays out. 

The trailer itself does a great job of showcasing the multifaceted nature of this series. There are funny moments that give us insight into everyone’s personality, but there are also suspenseful and haunting moments, such as when the priest tells the gang, “If your sixth sense is telling you to turn around, turn around.” What really stood out were the endearing moments throughout the trailer and the reiteration that they are here to “give voices to those who are no longer with us” but also to “make the lives of those experiencing it better.” There is obvious drive and determination from everyone involved. Even if one doesn’t believe in ghosts, it could still hold great entertainment value and provide a unique glimpse into the world of the supernatural this Halloween season. 

So why be normal when you can be paranormal and watch Living for the Dead? The show streams on Hulu on October 18th! 

New Trailer for Hulu's Ghost Hunting Series "Living for the Dead" Produced By Kristen Stewart

Living for the Dead (2023) Official Hulu Trailer

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