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“Suburban Screams” Trailer

“Suburban Screams” Trailer

Suburbia is Truly Horrifying

George A. Romero, Wes Craven, and John Carpenter, the holy trinity of horror. Nearly every beloved classic horror film can be traced back to these individuals.  John Carpenter in particular has brought so many nightmares to life such as The Thing, They Live, and the original Halloween. His latest project has the potential of joining this list of classics.

Suburban Screams for Ice Cream

Carpenter’s newest project is a series exclusive to streaming platform Peacock. The central premise is interesting to say the least as it is organized as an anthology series focused on stories based off of true events. What really makes this series unique is its blending dramatization and horror elements with documentary style storytelling with the use of actual news footage. With a total of six episodes and each episode following a different true tale, these stories will be told by those who lived through them. While the use of documentary style storytelling with dramatized elements is nothing new, it’s rare to see this utilized with horror in mind.

“Suburban Screams” Trailer

The Trailer

The trailer starts off well enough with the right tone. The narration immediately gives off the feeling of sitting in the dark with friends while exchanging creepy stories. The various clips shown of the different episodes hint at what frights to expect. This ranges from home invasions to killers in a bunny costume and even a possible ghost haunting. Due to the premise of the series, the last one kind of ruins the atmosphere and vibe that it seemingly has going on. If the show is supposed to center around true-ish tales of horror, how does a ghost story fit in? Nonetheless, the concept behind this show and that fact that John Carpenter is involved make it hard to pass this show up. 

Suburban Screams is set to stream on Peacock on October 13, 2023.

“Suburban Screams” Trailer

Suburban Screams (2023) Official Peacock Trailer

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