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Netflix’s Love at First Sight (2023): A Review

Love at First Sight Review

That Airport Kind of Love

Netflix’s Love at First Sight is a super cute romance that follows Hadley and Oliver. The two fall in love on their six-hour flight from New York to London after having a meet-cute at the airport. Unfortunately, the two lose each other at customs, and the possibility of seeing each other ever again seems impossible. However, destiny and fate play a huge role in trying to change those odds. The film is based on the book The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. The film is directed by Vanessa Caswell and was released on September 15, 2023. The movie is surely impactful for its viewers and is available to stream right now.

Love At First Flight 

This movie isn’t very realistic, but most romance movies never are. Most people in their lives have experienced an airport crush, but this takes it to another level. Hadley misses her flight, and because of that, she gets to meet the love of her life. This is probably very unlikely, but it makes for a good plot. Missing a flight would probably just lead to stress, and the only good thing about it is to get food. Oliver and Hadley’s first interaction was a little cringy as they made jokes about what they would do on each date. Furthermore, the two then go to dinner. This is also unrealistic, but the two do have a cute conversation about fears. 

While on the flight, the flight attendant/narrator states that over the next six-hour flight, the two will fall in love. Again, this is extremely unrealistic, but it is wholesome for those daydreamy fans. After the flight, the two exchange numbers, but someone bumps into Hadley. This bump causes Hadley’s phone to hit the floor, crack, and die. When she gets into her cab and plugs in her phone (also weird that the cab has a charger), her phone powers on, and Oliver’s phone number is gone. Conveniently, while at her father’s wedding, she overhears someone talking about Oliver’s event. With the new information, she goes to see him. The probability of someone at her father’s wedding knowing Oliver’s family, considering how big London is, is extremely unlikely. However, the odds jack up quite a bit when it’s a story about fate. On her way back, something realistic actually happens as she gets lost. The plot overall made sense, and the pacing was well done. The only aspect that was lacking was reality, but the best romance movies come from delusion.

Love Birds

The film stars Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley. Richardson is an American actress who has been in a lot of movies but is most remembered for another romantic comedy that had a very emotional storyline, Five Feet Apart. Richardson starred in this film alongside Cole Sprouse. Co-starring with Richardson in Love at First Sight is Ben Hardy, who plays Oliver. Hardy is an English actor who is best known for his role as Roger Taylor in Bohemian Rhapsody. He is also in a psychological thriller series called The Girl Before, where he plays Simon. The Narrator also has quite a big role in the film as she plays a key role in helping Oliver and Hadley make their way back to each other. She is played by Jameela Jamil. Jamil is a British actress and activist who is best known for her roles in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and as Gisela in the TV series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.

Richardson and Hardy did a great job of showing the ups and downs of being in love, as well as the fear that comes with commitment. The characters were also very relatable. They have fears, and they’re even sometimes scared to share those fears.

Love at First Sight Review

The airplane scene is very powerful as Hadley is scared of flights, and she grabs Oliver’s hand. This scene was very convincing and very wholesome. Even just the filming of their hands was a good scene, as Oliver isn’t sure if he should hold her hand back. This is very telling of his character and fear of jumping into a relationship. Hardy performs this quite well. The scene where Oliver breaks down crying as he talks about his mom truly pulls at heartstrings and definitely shows how great of an actor Hardy is.

Flight Vision  

Though the soundtrack did not play many popular songs, the slow version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” added so much to the film. This is especially due to the fact that it was the slowed-down version rather than the original. Falling in love is usually slow and quiet, which is conveyed through the music. There are positives and negatives to having an unknown soundtrack. The positives are that people can end up finding new songs they enjoy, and they don’t have to hear overplayed songs. It kind of makes the viewer feel like they’re in another world, and it allows them to better focus on the film rather than the song. The negatives are the fact that the song may hint at something in the scene that the viewer might not pick up on if they don’t know it. Furthermore, there’s some comfort in hearing a favorite song play in a movie. It feels like a secret connection between the viewer and the film. The experience will be different for everybody.

 The camera angles were also very good, as there were a lot of close-ups that are attached to vulnerability; this being another aspect of love and relationships. The scene for the memorial is truly fantastic, from the clothes to the setup of the room. The fact that the camera shows Hadley’s backpack first as Oliver takes it on stage with him, and he looks at it after remembering what Hadley said about numbers, almost hinting that she’s there on stage with him. Furthermore, it’s sort of like she was holding his hand while he was saying the hard stuff. While lost, Hadley goes into one of those old telephone booths, which kind of goes with something the author of the book, Smith, said. Smith explains that a story of love and fate is timeless. Telephone booths aren’t used as much anymore except for decorations or for a history timepiece, usually for pictures. Telephone booths, though not always prioritized, are always there. This is kind of like old love stories. These types of love stories aren’t always how people fall in love, but every once in a while, they connect with fate.

Fly into Love

For those viewers who have ever had an airport crush, this movie is a swoon-worthy must-see. It is adorable and will have its viewers squealing in excitement for most of the film. The characters are extremely relatable, especially in their fear of committing to each other despite having such deep feelings already. Is it realistic to fall in love on a six-hour flight and a quick dinner beforehand? Probably not, but it’s still extremely cute, and fans of romantic comedy and drama should definitely watch it. It is a watch and rewatch for those romance fans. There’s comfort in romance movies as the viewer knows the two are going to fall in love and end happily ever after. 

Love at First Sight can be streamed on Netflix, and if it’s not clear enough, this film is a must-see. Fly into love right now and watch Love at First Sight on Netflix!

Love at First Sight Review

Love At First Sight (2023): Official Netflix Trailer

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