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Beyonce Set to Follow In Taylor Swift’s Footsteps With “Renaissance” Tour Movie

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Beyonce on the Big Screen?

Beyoncés Renaissance World Tour has been shaking up the music industry. Much like Swift, Queen Bey has been breaking records and selling out stadiums as her ticket sales have dubbed her the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist. The three-hour show is split into seven acts and has Beyoncé on her feet, singing and dancing to the entire Renaissance album from start to finish, along with some of her other popular songs from her discography. It truly is a cultural phenomenon waiting to be experienced, but for those who can’t make it to the stadium, there’s no need to worry; the show will hit theaters soon for fans to sing their hearts out and watch the queen at work. The news recently dropped after the announcement of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Concert Film, bringing some more musical excitement to theaters. 

The Deal So Far

Theaters might be saved with the release of Swift’s and Beyonce’s concert films. Here’s what’s known so far about the deal behind the Renaissance film: Currently, there have been no comments made by AMC theaters or Beyonce’s team about the agreement, but the movie is definitely in the works. Beyonce’s agreement will follow a similar trend to Taylor Swift’s deal and will be a big win for Beyonce herself. Swift’s Eras Concert film will have Swift taking more than half of the box receipts. This means that Beyonce will also be gaining more than 50% of the profits made from the release and ticket sales of her movie. Both artists are cutting out the middle man and working directly with theaters to release their projects rather than engaging with studios and AMC’s other partners. This could end up changing the whole scope of the film industry and the deals made to distribute and exhibit movies. If anyone was going to change things, it would be Swift and Beyonce themselves. 


There is still much unknown about Beyonce’s concert film release, including how her previous relationships and agreements with Netflix will contribute to the exhibition of her new project. The singer’s Coachella concert film Homecoming is distributed and tied to Netflix, so it will be interesting to see if this will impact her current project, especially since it seems this is a direct deal without any other companies included. Still, with the current setup of the agreement between Beyoncé and AMC, it seems she will be taking the majority of the profits home, especially considering recent patterns with Swift’s movie. It only makes sense for Beyonce, given her tremendous popularity and how hard she worked for this tour to get the treatment she deserves. 

What To Expect and When? 

There has been no confirmation yet, but sources have speculated that the Reinassance Concert film is aiming to be released in theaters on December 1st of this year. The project will showcase the entire concert, spanning around three hours, but it will also include behind-the-scenes footage of how the show came to be. It will be interesting for fans to get both perspectives on stage and backstage to understand the hard work going into the entire show. The movie release is expected to bring in $560 million in ticket sales, but only time will tell when the concert film is officially announced. Knowing Beyonce and her record-breaking success, that does not seem out of reach. The film will most likely reach blockbuster status, much like Swift’s concert film. 

It has been an interesting year for the music industry, especially with these two artists breaking records and making waves. Both Swift and Beyonce have been credited with upping consumer spending and boosting local economies due to their tours, so it’s exciting to see how Beyonce’s concert film will impact the film industry’s exhibition practices and potentially set new benchmarks for box office success.


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