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‘Saw X’ Director Reveals That Police Were Called During Film’s Editing

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The Editor Deals with the Consequences of Jigsaw’s Death Traps

Neighbors can be so annoying. They play their music loudly. They leave heaps of trash outside their door for days. Sometimes, they torture somebody to death. And this is what the Saw X’s editor’s neighbors thought was going on, as they heard Jigsaw’s gravelly voice and his victim’s blood-curdling screams. So they did what any good samaritan would; they called the cops to save that poor person from Jigsaw’s clutches.

When the Cops Come Knocking

Recently, director Kevin Greutert told NME that Saw X’s first assistant editor, Steve Forn, got an unexpected visit from police at his studio in North Hollywood. Apparently, the footage Forn was editing sounded so believable that neighbors assumed he was actually torturing people in his office space. 

According to Greutert, Forn attempted to clean up the sound design for the “eye vacuum trap” scene, which features Jigsaw employing his trusty device. Those who have gotten that eye dilation thing from the ophthalmologist can relate to this most egregious abuse – even when the healthcare professional insists they must screen for that alleged “family history of glaucoma.”

Furthermore, Greutert recounted in the interview how meek-mannered Forn answered the police at the door, and the police said they were responding to a report of “neighbors saying someone’s being tortured to death in here.” Once police realized that Forn was merely a horror film editor and not a vigilante murderer, they had a good chuckle and let him get back to listening to his spine-chilling sequence.

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Jigsaw in the Neighborhood

In this housing economy, it’s probably a relief to know one doesn’t have to move because they’re a knife’s throw away from a serial killer. However, we can only imagine Forn’s neighbor’s disappointment when they learned that a Jigsaw copycat wasn’t nearby – because it’s well-known how lucrative True Crime podcasts are these days, and their discovery could have been an absolute goldmine.

Saw X holds the esteem of being the highest-rated in the franchise and is now playing in a theater (or North Hollywood home) near you.

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Saw X (2023) Lionsgate Official Clip

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