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‘Out There Screaming’ From Jordan Peele Brings Short Stories From Unique Black Perspectives

Out There Screaming

Horror From Unique Perspectives

Short Stories By Black Creatives

Jordan Peele has brought horror to the page with the release of a new short story anthology book through his company, Monkey Paw Productions. Out There Screaming features short stories curated and edited by Jordan Peele himself. Including worlds of horror, science fiction, and folklore written exclusively by Black authors. 

Out There Screaming dives into “not only the terrors of the supernatural but the chilling reality of injustice that haunts our nation.” 

The anthology of short horror stories is curated and edited by Jordan Peele. According to publisher Penguin Random House, the book will explore “not only the terrors of the supernatural but the chilling reality of injustice that haunts our nation.” 

The book’s official description reads, “A cop begins seeing huge, blinking eyes where the headlights of cars should be that tell him who to pull over. Two freedom riders take a bus ride that leaves them stranded on a lonely road in Alabama, where several unsettling somethings await them. A young girl dives into the depths of the Earth in search of the demon that killed her parents.” 

“These are just a few of the worlds of Out There Screaming, Jordan Peele’s anthology of all-new horror stories by Black writers. Featuring an introduction by Peele and an all-star roster of beloved writers and new voices, Out There Screaming is a master class in horror, and—like his spine-chilling films—its stories prey on everything we think we know about our world and redefine what it means to be afraid.”

Out There Screaming also comes one year ahead of Peele’s fourth directorial effort, slated to release on Christmas of 2024.

The anthology features an introduction from Peele and is full of all new stories from Black creatives. An audio edition of the anthology will be released simultaneously by Penguin Random House Audio.

Out There Screaming

Featuring a roster of beloved writers and new voices including Erin E. Adams, Violet Allen, Lesley Nneka Arimah, Maurice Broaddus, Chesya Burke, P. Djèlí Clark, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Tananarive Due, Nalo Hopkinson, N. K. Jemisin, Justin C. Key, L. D. Lewis, Nnedi Okorafor, Tochi Onyebuchi, Rebecca Roanhorse, Nicole D. Sconiers, Rion Amilcar Scott, Terence Taylor, and Cadwell Turnbull.

Out There Screaming releases on October 3rd and is available everywhere now. 

The Many Productions of Monkeypaw 

Jordan Peele is an Oscar- and Emmy-winning director, writer, actor, producer, and founder of Monkeypaw Productions. His first feature film Get Out, was a critically acclaimed blockbuster, recognized with four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. The film would earn Peele the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. 

His second film Us, broke numerous box-office records, becoming the biggest opening for an original R-rated film in history when released in March of 2019 to widespread critical praise. 

Peele’s third feature, Nope, opened in the summer of 2022 to rave reviews, the No. 1 slot at the box office maintaining his status as a cultural impact. 

A project that was five years in the making, Peele also produced and co-wrote Henry Selick’s stop-motion animated feature, Wendell & Wild, to which he also voiced one of the title characters. 

Under the banner of Monkeypaw Productions, Peele co-wrote and produced Nia DaCosta’s Candyman, which made history as the first film helmed by a Black woman director to open at the No. 1 spot at the box office.

Before becoming a filmmaker, Peele was a celebrated comedian who was the co-star and co-creator of Key & Peele on Comedy Central.

Out There Screaming

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