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Top Five Films From A24 Studios

A24 Films Best Films

Celebrate the Indie Studio by Looking at Some of its Best Works

A24 is an American film company founded by Daniel Katz, David Fenkle, and John Hodges in 2012. They serve as an independent company dealing in both production and distribution. They started off with more obscure films like Kevin Smith’s Tusk (2014) before coming into prominence with films like Room (2015) and The Disaster Artist (2017). With so many films under the company’s banner, here are five that are some of the best. 

5. Lady Bird (2017)

A24 Films Best Films Lady Bird

Directed by Greta Gerwig in her directorial debut, the movie follows a young girl who goes by the name Lady Bird (Saoirse Ronan) as she navigates her final year in high school in the early 2000s while also trying to maintain her complicated relationship with her mom Marion (Laurie Metcalf). As usual for Gerwig, the writing and directing are great. The dynamic between Lady Bird and her mom is one of the most compelling parts of the film, highlighted, of course, by the performances of Ronan and Metcalf, respectively. The two have excellent chemistry and feel like a real mother and daughter. The relationship between her and her best friend Julie (Beanie Feldstein) is also a fun dynamic. Lady Bird is also one of the best coming-of-age films in recent years by having the teens feel like real teens dealing with real problems. It’s a movie that isn’t afraid to tackle things like a person’s “first time,” figuring out plans after high school, or moving away from family. Its main characters have flaws and are not 2-dimensional generic teens seen in media, particularly kids’ media. The movie does a good job of capturing what it is like going to high school and everything one would have to deal with. There are even plenty of lighter moments to balance some of the more intense scenes. Overall, this is a film that’ll keep audiences captivated. 

4. X (2022)

A24 Films Best Films X

Directed by Ti West, this movie follows a group of young film crew and actors during the late ‘70s making a pornographic film using a barn belonging to an elderly couple who grow tired of the filmmakers and set out to kill them all. The first thing to point out in this movie is the main actress, Mia Goth, who plays the duo role of Maxine, an upcoming actress looking for her big break, and Pearl, one of the elderly people who is trying to kill Maxine and her friends. Goth does an amazing job of distinguishing both characters, giving them lots of personality. She also does well at making audiences empathic to both characters. The other supporting cast, including Jenna Ortega as Lorraine, do an amazing job as well and really bring this movie to life. 

Another positive aspect is how X doesn’t look down upon people who have made pornographic films and shows that, for some, it’s just simple a job and one that they take seriously. Even though the main characters are getting killed, it’s not necessarily because they’re making an adult movie, but rather because the couple is upset the younger people get to have sex while they are physically limited in that area due to their age. The film also has some unexpected moments that’ll keep viewers on their toes. Adding in some nail-biting moments, this is a film that’ll leave audiences wanting more, which fortunately came in the form of a prequel, Pearl (2022), and an upcoming sequel, Maxxxine (2024). 

3. Ex Machina (2014)

A24 Films Best Films Ex Machina

Directed by Alex Garland in his directorial debut, this film follows a programmer named Caleb Smith  (Domhnall Gleeson)  who is flown out to his boss’ house, played by Oscar Issac, to give a human-esque artificial intelligence called Ava (Alicia Vikander) the “Turing Test.”

The film gives off a suspicious vibe as audiences will find themselves in Caleb’s shoes in trying to understand what’s going on. The film, like many science fiction movies, can act as a cautionary tale for society’s growing use of AI in the real world but does it in a way that sets it apart from many other films in the genre. That is seeing the android manipulate the human characters in achieving their goals. Ex Machina showcases how an AI can and will do anything to get what it wants. The music adds to that being very ominous. Vikander is fantastic as Ava, being both creepy and engaging to watch. Issac is also enthralling at playing the typically arrogant CEO by adding his own flavor to it. Not to mention, the effects of this movie are phenomenal. Despite the budget only being $15 million, the film’s effects look better than many movies with $200 million budgets. In the end, this movie is a good example of the dangers of AI.

2. Hereditary (2018) 

A24 Films Best Films Hereditary

Directed by Ari Aster, the movie follows a small family who are trying to recover after the loss of their grandmother but are haunted by a demonic entity known as King Paimon. The best way to describe this movie is that it’s uncomfortable. Whether it’s watching the family trying to deal with their loss or being tortured by the demonic entity, Hereditary has audiences feeling what the characters are feeling. The film also does a good job of having a fairly realistic depiction of what people are like when they’re grieving. They have outbursts, they’ll isolate themselves, and they have a hard time letting go. This is brilliantly shown through Toni Colette, who plays the mom, Annie, as she really sells a woman attempting to deal with her losses while also trying to maintain the family relationships she still has. The effects in this film are incredible and are realistic enough to make a person look away in fear. The movie will have audiences on edge and almost never let up. The climax is truly one of the scariest and unsettling moments in recent film history. There are also jaw-dropping moments in the movie that leave quite a mark. Ultimately, it’s a movie that’ll leave both its audience and characters speechless in one way or another. 

1. Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

A24 Films Best Films Everything Everywhere All At Once

Directed by the duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schinet, otherwise known as “The Daniels,” this film follows a laundromat owner Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), as she has to prevent the multiverse from collapsing by learning how to connect with variants of herself. This film came at the best time it could have. Right now, studios have a “multiverse fix” by having various movies and shows centered on exploring parallel dimensions. The reception to this has been mixed at best, but what sets Everything Everywhere All At Once apart is that it explores its topic from so many unique angles and does not just have a bunch of cameos every 5 minutes. 

This is a multiverse film that takes full advantage of its premise by having each world and variant, for that matter, be different from the other in the most bizarre and intriguing ways. It is truly one of those movies to see in theaters to get the full experience. There’s so much to enjoy here. The action scenes are well-choreographed, the comedy is very funny, it has Michelle Yeoh in it, and it’s visually stunning. Key Huy Quan’s supporting role as Evelyn’s husband, Waymond, has a great balance of being sad, hilarious, and renegade all at once. James Hong, who plays Evelyn’s father, Gong, gets a few laughs and some tear-jerking moments. This is a movie that never gets dull and is well deserving of its seven Oscar wins. 

These A24 movies can be streamed through Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) Official A24 Trailer 

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