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‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Film Surpasses $100 Million In Opening Ticket Sales

The Eras Tour

Swifties Rejoice and Head to the Theaters!

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film is estimated to make a massive debut of $100 million, and possibly even more than that! This type of film for recording artists is nothing new, with Metallica doing it in the past several times and other pop stars like Justin Bieber. However, what makes Taylor Swift’s film different from the rest is the amount of money the movie is estimated to bring in. If accurate, her film will surpass all other artists who have done the same thing, including the record holder who was previously mentioned, Justin Bieber. 

This film is estimated to generate $125 million from 3,850 theaters in North America alone. In international revenue, it is estimated to make an additional $30-$50 million. This is from only 4,150 venues internationally. Combined, it could generate $150-$175 million. These are serious numbers and something that theaters usually see with bigger films like “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” which brought in $174 million. This type of revenue is a rarity for any concert film, but even more so for any movie that is not part of a big franchise, like Marvel, or is a sequel from a previous big movie.

The film itself is basically a rendered version of the sold-out three-hour stadium tour that Taylor Swift went on. This is a great chance for Swifties to support their favorite, and sometimes idol-like, artist. Clearly, Swift’s fans know how to showcase their love and support.

Revenue of Eras Tour & What To Expect From Film 

Taylor Swift had a massive year in 2023 with her Eras Tour. With the movie on the way, it’s clear she will be pulling in even more revenue. For perspective, The Eras Tour concert grossed somewhere between $2.2 billion in North America. Despite the cost of costumes, production, and paying others who made the show possible, it was still a massive success. Taylor Swift’s streams saw a huge spike in listeners, a nearly 80% jump, generating more revenue for the artist. This is even more true after she went and re-recorded her earlier work. All of this is only a couple of weeks after the tour officially kicked off. Now, she is gearing up to go international with the tour and even release a film that generates a concertgoer’s perspective.

The concert film will be doing something a little different than most movies that have come out this year. Instead of starting on a Thursday afternoon, the film will be released on Friday for evening screenings. The movie will also have fewer showtimes, meaning it will only be available on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This is due to Swift wanting the theater to be filled and not have screenings with only a handful of people in the room, giving audiences a more concert-like experience. A decision like this is understandable and could enhance the viewing experience.

The Eras Tour Mid Image

Why Taylor Swift’s Film Is Important to Theaters   

So, why is this film so impressive and important to those who may not even be huge fans of Taylor Swift? Well, with the actors’ strike still ongoing, many films have been delayed because of it, thus making the theater business take a hit in revenue. For example, the second movie in the Dune series, Dune: Part Two, was delayed because of the actor’s strike. Of course, this was to be expected, but the Taylor Swift film is not convinced by the same limitations as others. The ticket sales will rival top movies that were previously released this past year. Films like Fast X, which grossed $145 million, or Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One ($175 million).

These ticket numbers are a nice shot of adrenaline that theaters need to keep them going. Hopefully, until the actor’s strike comes to a mutual agreement, much like the writer’s guild did. These high numbers from the movie are most likely from the high-ticket prices that Swift’s team has set. Much like Beyonce, who will be releasing a concert film of her own soon, the tickets come at a premium price. Tickets for The Eras Tour will be set at $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for kids and seniors. These prices are above the average price of tickets, but it doesn’t seem like fans mind the price jump. This is the first time anyone has ever seen a concert film create such revenue, and if the estimations are correct, then it will be a record-breaking film.

More Concert Films? 

Taylor Swift will most likely be adding “number one concert film” to her long list of accolades. Of course, with Beyonce’s new concert film on the horizon, how long Swift will have that title will remain to be seen. Either way, this is a huge win for Taylor Swift, her fans, and the theaters themselves! Fans can get tickets for the film at their local AMC, Cinemark, and Regal theaters if any are left!

Eras Tour Last Image

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023) AMC Theaters Trailer

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