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Netflix Announces Geeked Week Coming Soon!

Geeked Week

Netflix Has Done It Again!

Netflix has announced its Geeked Week for 2023! Details scheduled to be revealed are from popular projects such as Avatar, Stranger Things, and more. The event marks the third year the company has held its Geeked Week event. 

What Is Geeked Week? 

 For those unaware, Geeked Week is a chance for Netflix to showcase what they have in the works for the coming year. The event will be from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12. Last year, Netflix’s Geeked Week revealed the trailer for Castlevania: Nocturne, which was released less than a month ago. A premiere date for Cyberpunk Edgerunners was also revealed last year. So, this year is no different. Expect surprise reveals and maybe some release dates for some shows or movies. The streaming giant will bring exclusive news, video trailers, sneak peeks, and other surprises for Netflix’s most anticipated projects. These include Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Brothers Sun, Damsel, Devil May Cry, Leave the World Behind, Rebel Moon, and so much more. The digital showcase will have fans excited for whatever project they have been looking forward to.

First Day of Geeked Week 

Netflix has already announced the focus of the first day of Geeked Week will be on November 6th. It is Stranger Things Day, according to Netflix. A day that will focus on the franchise and what the company has in store for its future. Of course, it probably has something to do with the show wrapping up its fifth season. The show is one of Netflix’s highest-grossing projects in years. So it makes sense for them to want to keep fans in the loop. Additionally, an animated spinoff series was previously confirmed to be in development. However, other than that, we do not know what the company has planned for next month. 

Geeked Week

Other Projects  

Though the remainder of the week might be a mystery to fans, Netflix undoubtedly has something big planned. Netflix will share news and details about shows and movies that were previously announced and scheduled to be released soon. These projects include Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rebel Moon, Devil May Cry, and Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft. It won’t only be upcoming shows getting the attention either. Current projects like Umbrella Academy and several others will receive updates. Maybe information on the second season of One Piece will be released! This digital event is an opportunity for fans to learn more about shows that are close to being released. 

Yearly Event Confirmed?

Geeked Week is coming up on its third year in a row. Could this become a yearly thing for Netflix? The formula certainly works well for them. The fans get a little taste of what is in store, and the company most likely sees an uptick in subscription sales because of it. Either way, if it will be a yearly thing, it benefits fans greatly. Some people do not want to pay the entire year and only want the subscription when they know something is out. For now, fans won’t have to wait long for the Geeked Week to begin! 

For future updates about Geeked Week, fans should head over to Netflix’s social media platforms. They will be announcing the themes of the remaining days there.

Geeked Week

Geeked Week 2023 | Official Trailer

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