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Why A24 Was The Best Choice for the ‘Halloween’ TV Rights


Can Miramax Do Better Than The Best Horror Studio In The Game?

The bidding war for the television rights of the popular horror franchise Halloween is finally over, and Miramax Television managed to snatch them. The deal with Trancas International Films includes the development of a Halloween TV series, but there are plans for a cinematic universe spanning both films and television. This is not the first collaboration between the two companies, as David Gordon Green’s latest Halloween sequel trilogy was also produced by Trancas and Miramax, as well as previous entries in the franchise such as 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and its sequel Halloween: Resurrection.

While the project is undoubtedly exciting, horror fans worldwide can’t help feeling a little bitter at the news, as the race for the Halloween television rights saw other renowned companies interested, namely A24. Its reputation and unique cinematic mission set A24 apart from any other film studio in the business. Here are several reasons why A24 would have been the best choice for a Michael Myers series.

Quality Over Quantity

Over the years, A24 has built quite the name for itself. Starting softly with 2013’s Spring Breakers, it has since established itself as a powerhouse for independent projects with the potential to give arthouse cinema a wider appeal. To achieve this goal, it’s crucial for A24 to not get their hands on more stuff than they can handle.

When considering the prospect of a full-on cinematic universe for the Halloween franchise, this aspect should not be overlooked. The problem with most shared universes is precisely the amount of greenlit projects in a relatively short window of time, which brings along a sense of exhaustion for the viewers and a lack of focus on the overall cinematic quality. That’s what’s happening in the superhero genre right now, with both Marvel and DC struggling to keep the audience’s interest active. Being both a production and a distribution company, A24 has several movies coming out every year, but the thing is, they are all original projects untangled from all kinds of attachments. A similar treatment would have benefited a potential Halloween series, allowing both the studio and the creators to take their time to bring a high-quality product to the table, thus securing the audience’s interest and leaving them craving for more.

Halloween Desperately Needs A Re-Imagination

When thinking of horror franchises that need a reboot, is Halloween the first title that comes to mind? Definitely not, since David Gordon Green’s legacy trilogy concluded just last year with the disappointing Halloween Ends. People aren’t missing Michael Myers as of now, and that would have an impact should the series come out in the next couple of years.


The only way the Halloween franchise can keep up and maintain the audience’s interest is by completely and utterly re-imagining itself. It needs to stride away from the overdone serial killer formula – that has undoubtedly worked well in the past, but after a whopping total of 13 movies in a span of 45 years, it’s time to shake things up a bit. And that is precisely where A24 could have delivered the most. The studio’s arthouse reputation has deeply impacted the horror genre, contributing to forging the label of “elevated horror,” meaning horror films that bring mature and layered themes to the table, showing how powerful the genre is in conveying tough messages and metaphors. An iconic series like Halloween would have been the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how even the oldest franchise in horror history still has so much to say, even if that means changing more than a few things – perhaps revisiting John Carpenter’s idea of making a Halloween-themed anthology series?

It Would’ve Been The Perfect Opportunity For A24, Too

Days ago, it was reported that A24 is looking for ways to change its catalog a little. Following a series of underwhelming box office performances like those of The Green Knight (2021) and Beau Is Afraid (2022), which ended up losing the studio tens of millions of dollars, A24 is willing to take on more “IP projects” and “commercial films.” Some saw this turn to the blockbuster market as almost inevitable – the arthouse business is high-risk and often doesn’t attract enough viewers to justify more conspicuous film budgets.

That, however, is not a bad thing at all. Not necessarily, at least. Commercial movies have the potential to be powerful, great pieces of narrative that can bring thought-provoking themes to the general audience without losing sight of spectacle. A24’s specific cinematic mission could shake things up for the better, adding an independent touch to movies that a wider audience can enjoy. Halloween would have been the perfect opportunity to do so since it’s a well-established and beloved horror franchise with millions of fans across the globe. It would have been interesting to see how the studio could add its distinguished footprint to the series, bringing something to life that no one has ever quite seen. It would have been a profitable, intriguing, win-win situation.

What Should We Expect Instead?

A Halloween television series developed by A24 would have been a dream for horror enthusiasts, but it looks like that’s not going to be the case. Miramax is currently developing the series, and unless they are looking at ways to add some fresh take on the iconic yet tired formula, it seems like the Halloween series will follow its predecessors’ steps. Not that that’s a bad thing, but now more than ever, studios should try out different ideas as the audience constantly strives for something new and exciting.

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