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Home > Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023): A Review

Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023): A Review

Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023): A Review

Demystifying the Origins of the Abbadon Terror

‘Evil never dies; no fire will ever destroy it; you can never claim victory over it; that evil will always exist; and it will always be there, sometimes in plain sight,” says Bradley Moynahan, co-founder of Net Sleuths, a group of cold case investigators who took part in the investigation of Carmichael Manor. In the latest installment of the Hell House LLC franchise, Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor, viewers again get a glimpse of the terror sewn by Andrew Tully and his cult. Although Tully, according to police records, committed suicide, he is still wreaking havoc on the young people who can’t help their curiosity about the events surrounding the Abaddon Hotel and now the Carmichael Manor. Stephen Cognetti wrote and directed this franchise chapter, while executive producers Joe Dain, Jim Klock, and associate producer Angie Moyer produced it. Production companies were Cognetti Films and Marylous’ Boys. The release is set for October 30, 2023.        

Andrew Tully, Hell House, and Carmichael Manor Weave Eye-Opening Nightmares

Hell House LLC is a historically successful found footage franchise, where not all others have found similar accomplishments. Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor will be no different. With the same heightened mystery, intrigue, and build-up to the climax as the first and second chapters, this chapter is bound to be a smash. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Hell House LLC has an audience score of 72%, and this new film retains the style that led to such a hit.

True crime reporter Alicia Cavalini opens the film with a sit-down interview discussing the history of the Carmichael family. The family is a sweet, normal family, albeit extremely wealthy; they seem happy and close until one day when their contentment implodes. Then Margot, Rebecca, and Chase appear. These characters are loving, interesting personalities who are only guilty of having serious curiosity and haunting pasts. Cognetti was fantastic at creating detailed events that apprise intimate details about the characters. One such event is when a Carmichael family member plays the Hell House LLC theme on the piano. It was one of the first signs that helped to tie this new film to the others. All elements worked together to help the audience relate to the characters and the story. 

A slow lead-up explains how the Carmichael Manor relates to the Abaddon Hotel and Hell House. But once the circumstances connect, it’s hard not to sit on the edge of your seat with your eyeballs glued to the screen. The most obvious connection is the clowns. At first, it seems silly that the clowns are the biggest links to the original film until you understand the full story. The jump scares are few and far between, but this film has more gore and an enthralling tempo. 

One of the best features of this film is how Cognetti and the cast were able to make the characters relatable. The audience is inspired to rally for the characters all the way. The main characters, Margot Bentley, Rebecca Vickers, Chase Bentley, and the Carmichael family, all seem like sympathetic, good people who do not deserve anything negative that may or may not befall them. Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor is original and surprisingly emotional in telling all of these characters’ stories, including a captivating point where the audience gets to know part of the story from one of the clown’s perspectives. The main fault of the story is that understanding the original story from this perspective means that there is still a lot that the audience never gets to know. There are holes in the story. But is that really a blind spot? Only time will tell if there is room for another episode of the franchise.

Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023): A Review

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The Actors Took Their Places in the Manor and the Hotel

The cast of this film were some of the brightest spots in this film. They brought out the best in the movie by convincing the audience to buy into the story, and isn’t that the most challenging part of writing a story? Bridget Rose Perrotta, a newcomer to full-length film, plays the lead, Margot Bentley. Bentley is a cold case investigator who suffered a traumatic childhood event that motivated her to become a true crime agent. Perrotta adds an amiable, quirky flair to her character while still pulling off the hint of a troubled past. Destiny Leilani Brown plays Rebecca Vickers, the devoted but determined partner of Margot. Brown is known for two other post-production, full-length films, including Kinfolk (2024) and 12 to Midnight (not yet announced). Brown is adept at demonstrating that she loves her partner despite feeling like she must put her life on hold at times to support her. 

Lastly, James Liddell plays Chase Bentley, the brother of Margot. Liddell gives a shining performance as he plays the kind but distressed Chase, who has mental health issues that make this case more difficult, as the audience must worry about how he will handle the horror of the manor. Liddell can embed empathy into the audience for his character as he is going through an indescribable period in his life. Liddell is known for other films such as First Contact (2023) and Island Escape (2023).

Finally, or is it Actually the End?

Considering this is the fourth film in the Hell House LLC franchise, it was surprisingly inventive and did not succumb to many of the pitfalls plaguing later franchise films such as this one. Some parts seemed frivolous until the connections were made with the original films, but it all came together in the end to create a wholly entertaining and super fun Saturday night flick. This film will stream on Shudder and will be a nail-biter no matter how often you watch it. 

Stream Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor on Shudder or AMC+ October 30!

Hell House LLC, Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023): A Review

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023) Official Shudder Trailer

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