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‘Hellboy: Web of Wyrd’ Is Now Available For PC And Consoles

Hellboy Main Image

Nothing Weird About This Game!

It’s no secret that the superhero craze and onslaught of comic book adaptations have left even the most hardcore fans with serious fatigue. This is at least true with the two comic book juggernauts, DC and Marvel. At this point, almost every side character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had their own show on Disney+. However, some heroes out there have yet to get their time to properly shine in the spotlight, like Hellboy, who now has his own game.

Straight Outta Hell

Despite having arguably one of the best comic book antiheroes out there, Hellboy has never seen much critical acclaim, at least compared to other comic book franchises such as Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. This is especially true regarding comic book and video game adaptations. Hellboy is undoubtedly one of the most deserving intellectual properties of a video game adaption. From a unique art style to breathtaking character designs, it was only a matter of time before it was finally manifested. Thanks to game developer Upstream Arcade, the developers of West of Dead, fans of the series can finally(finally isn’t the best word since this technically isn’t the first game for the franchise, but it certainly does the best job of capturing the aesthetic) play as the titular red character. What’s more, the character is voiced by the late and talented Lance Reddick.

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Trailer for Web of Wyrd and Weird Marketing

The short trailer for the games gives fans a small glimpse of what to expect. Right off the bat, the art direction hits all the right spots. The best part about the art style is that the development team didn’t just get lazy and implement some cel shading and call it a day. They also captured the shadowing from the comics, which had an almost noir-ish feeling to it. The trailer also shows off some of the enemies that players will be facing, and their design also feels right for the series as a whole. The trailer also gives fans glimpses of some of the places that Hellboy will be visiting throughout the game, all of which seem unique in design and tone. Visuals aside, there are some things shown that may leave fans worried. 

These issues have to do with the gameplay itself, primarily the combat. The game is roguelike, meaning certain elements change with each playthrough. This can provide endless replayability. However, this only works if the gameplay itself is satisfying. Going off of the trailer alone, the combat seems less satisfying than one would hope, as many of the hits seem lackluster and don’t seem to carry weight. If players are playing as a character with a huge stone arm, the expectation is for attacks to have a certain amount of power to them. Imagine playing a video game as the Hulk, but every standard enemy took ten hits to bring them down. 

As weird as the combat seems, an even weirder thing is that this game has received little to no proper marketing. Before today, most people may not have even known that a Hellboy game was even in development. The fact that Lance Reddick is involved should’ve created some buzz, considering it was one of his last roles before passing.

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is available now on PS4, PS5, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Hellboy: Web of Wyrd (2023) Playstation Official Trailer

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