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‘Napoleon’ Takes Over In Newest Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Upcoming Epic

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A brand new trailer for the historical epic arrives!

On October 18, a new trailer for Napoleon (2023) debuted online. The trailer has amassed 5 million views on YouTube and is currently trending at the number five spot. Ridley Scott directs with the film’s script written by David Scarpa. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the titular French leader, with Vanessa Kirby co-starring as Empress Joséphine. It is co-produced by Apple Studios and is being released on their streaming platform, Apple TV+, and in theaters.

What is the story of the film?

As the title suggests, the movie follows military commander Napoleon Bonaparte throughout his life, detailing the many battles he fought and his dealing with his complicated “romantic” relationship with Empress Joséphine. The epic biopic showcases a deep look into his origins as a political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution while leading successful campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars that helped him rise to power. 

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What happens in the trailer?

The trailer starts with Napoleon thwarting an enemy army with them, unknowingly walking on ice that his men blast. Following that, scenes of him in battle or riding his horse are shot beautifully. Throughout this, Napoleon narrates how many believe he is unqualified for a leadership role, whereas he sees himself in the same way as Alexander The Great. The trailer shows more of his ego by highlighting how he is destined for greatness by showing Napoleon crowning himself Emperor. Throughout this narration, there is then a brief moment of Marie-Antionette (Catherine Walking) being executed as Napoleon stands there and watches. 

Afterward, more shots of various battles are depicted before it cuts to Napoleon and Empress Joséphine together, with her essentially saying she is essential to his life. The trailer continues with narration from another character on how they are better off without Napoleon. The trailer then ends with Napoleon stating that France is his country, with the final shot showing him leading his army. 

Napoleon will be charging into theaters and Apple TV+ on November 22.

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Napoleon (2023) Sony Pictures Official Trailer

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