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My Fault (2023): A Review

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If Loving Each Other Is A Sin, Then Yes, We’re Guilty

If viewers can get past the step-sibling trope, then My Fault is a great romance story. The film follows Noah (Nicole Wallace), a teenager who has to leave her town, boyfriend, and friends behind because her mother has remarried a rich guy that Noah barely knows. After arriving at her new home, she meets her new stepbrother, Nick (Gabriel Guevara). Though Nick depicts himself as the perfect golden child, Noah learns that even Nick has his secrets. The film was released on June 8, 2023, on Amazon Prime and is directed by Domingo González. 

Don’t Let Me Do That Again 

Right from the start of the movie, the film hints at Noah being involved in racing cars with her dad from a picture frame. However, the viewer doesn’t know if she’s good or even drove, as she could have just been watching from the sidelines and wore a matching uniform to support her father. This works well to build up to the part when Noah attends a race and gets stuck in the driver’s seat of the competition. The film does a great job of letting the audience know more and more about both characters as they are not just skin deep. They have layers, especially Noah, which is further highlighted throughout the rest of the night, after the race.

The use of flashbacks to show Noah’s childhood is done very effectively. Mainly because the fight scene between the two gangs somewhat mirrors the argument between her parents. After her hand gets stepped on during the fight, they manage to escape, and Nick wraps a bandana around her injured hand. This is where the film hints at a shift in Nick’s character and is very effective as it has a bit of foreshadowing rather than telling that Nick has other sides to his character. The film has Nick getting along with a little girl, his sister Maddie (Noah Casas), and showing how much she loves him. Maddie describes Nick to Noah as the best brother. He even misses an important event to be with his little sister. This moment reveals the other side of Nick’s character. It is an emotional technique that is done effectively as it nudges to help the audience fall in love with him. Furthermore, it shows a softer side to him beyond his exterior. 

You Could If You Wanted To

Starring in the film is Gabriel Guevara as Nick. Guevara is a Spanish actor and model best known for How to Screw It All Up and Tomorrow is Today—starring alongside Guevara as Noah is Nicole Wallace. Wallace is a Spanish actress best known for Parrot and Skam España, which she’s also in with Guevara. Starring as the enemy in the film is Fran Berenguer as Ronnie. Berenguer is an actor known for Blowing Kisses and The Longest Night. Finally, Nick’s friend Jenna, who welcomes Noah to their group, is Eva Ruiz. Ruiz is a singer and is known more for her music rather than her acting.

The chemistry between Nick and Noah’s characters was impeccable. Their attraction makes the film really entertaining because the audience can believe the two are deeply attracted to each other. Nick originally calls Noah “little sis” tauntingly but switches to freckles later in the film, hinting that his viewing of her has changed. Furthermore, when another guy tries to kiss Noah, Nick shoves the guy off of her and tells him that if he ever puts his hands on her again, he’ll break them. This further highlights the change in how Nick sees Noah. Nick has a charisma that draws others to him, which is executed perfectly by Guevara, especially in the scene when Noah is trying to make sure her ex-boyfriend can’t get a good look at Nick’s face. Nick becomes a tease here, and it just heightens the tensity. Moreover, Ronnie was very threatening, as lined up with his character. Berenguer performed this very well, as his character even seemed to have crazy eyes at times.

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Why Do We Good Girls Always Get Hooked on the Bad Boys?

The cinematography in this film is truly astounding at all points. When Noah first leaves her home, right at the start of the film, she looks back on her childhood room. It might be hard to notice on the first watch, but there’s a large dent in the center of her door, which seems to be fist-shaped. The dent isn’t framed in the center of a shot, but it is kind of hidden in the background, which is an interesting technique. The film doesn’t reveal anything about it here, but it’s a very impressive detail, mainly because the themes behind it are described later on.

Most of the songs on the soundtrack were in Spanish, which makes sense as it’s initially a Spanish film, so unless the viewer speaks Spanish, some messages through songs won’t be as well conveyed. For those who do understand the language, these songs intensify emotional scenes and truly complete the film. There are a few songs in English, and they work well to convey the messages of the scenes. In other words, the soundtrack is the icing on the cake.

The buildings and the scenery shot towards the movie’s end are really well done. Even if the viewer doesn’t know the movie was filmed in Spain, it’s easy to tell that it was filmed in some European city because of the esteemed architecture. Even though Nick and Noah are driving and technically racing, the scenery around them looks extremely real. This is a little surprising, as background scenes and what can be seen through car windows in shots like this usually look fake. This effect is most likely due to using a green screen, as most actors are not usually the ones driving. Even if there is a stunt double, the scenes aren’t always as detailed. This falling action scene, when Noah is driving around with Nick close behind, gives the feeling of a thriller film. My Fault is not a typical romantic comedy, as guns and violence are involved, and despite the thrilling nature of this scene, the film manages to romanticize the setting. The shots seem detailed and are visually enticing. 

Let’s Stop Going Out Alone

This film is a fantastic watch for fans of Wattpad as it has a similar storyline to many popular Wattpad stories and started as a Wattpad story before becoming a novel. The film is very similar to movies like Purple Hearts and After as it has a strong enemies-to-lovers trope, so fans of those movies/tropes should watch the film if they haven’t already. This film is highly entertaining and provides the escape that romantic comedy fans long for. However, there are some thrilling aspects for those fans who can’t have their favorite films be all about romance. The best part about the film is the intensity and chemistry between the main characters. They make the film so captivating. 

Watch My Fault on Amazon Prime now and find another romance movie to melt for.

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My Fault (2023) Prime Video Official Trailer

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