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Spawn Comic Book Reboot to Be ‘Blumhouse Version of a Superhero Movie’

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Jason Blum Teases Spawn

When anyone teases Spawn, it triggers a protective maternal instinct. But this kind of teasing from Jason Blum is different. The founder and CEO of Blumhouse declared that his company will be undertaking a Spawn reboot film. Since Blumhouse is synonymous with horror and not superhero fare, this will be an intriguing takeoff.

Not Like Other Superhero Movies

At a recent New York Comic Con panel, Blum described how the film will feature Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Baby Driver) and promised the film will “be edgy and original as compared to other superhero movies.”

Blum is trying to set this project apart from the superhero pack, likely not to involve the ire of Martin Scorsese. In 2019, the Oscar-lauded filmmaker famously decried that Avengers films are not “cinema” and likened them to “theme park” rides. 

But is it so bad that Blumhouse will make yet another “theme park” ride—something so scary and violent that anyone could upchuck everywhere, and the carny will need to get the hose?

spawn blumhouse

A Brief History of Spawn

Back in 1992, artist and writer Todd McFarlane debuted his comic book Spawn and its fervor resulted in a film that was released in 1997. While there was chatter about a follow-up, discussions morphed into a reboot in 2007. Ten years later, Blumhouse scooped it up and enticed Foxx to sign on as the lead in 2018. 

McFarlane was responsible for drafting the reboot’s screenplay and was set to direct the project. However, the script has since gone through numerous rewrites, and he is no longer attached to the production as director.

2025 Release Date

Melding superhero genres has a decent history as of late. For example, The Batman (2022) was a refreshing take as it erred closer to a neo-noir rather than a superhero flick, which satisfied the craving for something grittier and darker, and with more substance. Additionally, it was much more palatable to those that long to watch real cinema and therefore, placate Mr. Scorsese.

Furthermore, fans no longer need to wade into the unknown of guessing the release date, as Blum confirmed that his Spawn reboot will hit theaters in 2025. He even gave greater assurance by repeating, “I stand by that.” 

While two years is well over the typical 9-month gestation period usually reserved for Spawn, having more time works in the favor of a film production. 

Atomic Monster Superhero Film?

Now that we know that Blumhouse and Atomic Monster will be merging, could there be a new superhero-horror film from Atomic Monster as well? If so, fans can bank on Saw’s “Jigsaw” because he already has rocked that hooded-cape look.

Official Spawn 1997 Movie Trailer

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