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Saw X (2023): A Ranking of Traps from Bland to Bleak

Saw X Ranking of Traps Brain Surgery Trap

A Saw X Trap Needs More Than Just Blood.

Saw X, the most recent entrance into the franchise, takes place after the first movie and just before the second. The traps this time around aren’t all made equally; however, they are all extremely brutal. From eye-sucking tubes to a blood waterboarding machine, Kevin Greutert shows just how much this franchise has evolved in terms of the traps set by John Kramer and his assistant Amanda Young. Below is a ranking of each Saw X trap from worst to best, ranked together in both difficulty and execution. Spoiler alert: there will be spoilers in this article, so stop here to save the surprise. 

8. The Scar-Tissue Trap:

Saw X Traps Ranked Scar Tissue Trap

In eighth place is the scar-tissue trap used on Henry Kessler, the patient in John’s cancer support group who gives him Dr.Cecilia’s contact information. This one ranks as the worst used by Jigsaw in the film, as this trap is a bit of a cop-out. It’s called a cop-out because it is shown being executed during the post-credits scene at the hands of Jigsaw and Hoffman. From the very brief glimpse that is gained during this little preview, it doesn’t seem like much – in terms of both difficulty and execution. The trap in question is placed around Kessler’s stomach, right where his supposed scar from the surgery should’ve been. In ideation, it is a great trap – giving Kessler an injury where his supposed scar was and presenting him with the weight of what his lies were; however, no context is given, no build-up, and worst of all, no-kill, just a scream and cut to black.

7. The Eye Vacuum Trap:

Saw X Traps Ranked Eye Vacuum Trap

In seventh place is the eye vacuum trap that is used on the custodian whom John sees stealing from a patient’s belongings at the beginning of the film. The next trap ranks this low for two reasons. The first one is how easy this trap is; all the person has to do is turn a dial to five, each number breaking its corresponding finger. In terms of Jigsaw traps, this is one of the lightest punishments; all the custodian needed to do was just turn the dial to five and get this over with. This is the first trap of the film, and it falls under the “it was all a dream” trope, just eliminating any tension that had been built up. Despite all the promotional material revolving around it, it is only an imagining of what could have happened to the custodian. The only reason it is placed above the previous trap is because the kill is shown and is something never before seen in the Saw franchise.

6. The Burning Gas Chamber Trap:

Saw X Traps Ranked The Burning Gas Trap

In sixth place is the burning gas chamber trap, which is used by Jigsaw on Dr.Cecilia Pederson​​ and Parker Sears. The trap in question has the two characters trapped in a room where burning gas is released. The way to win this trap is to be the one to get their head out of a flap, not to let the gas burn one’s lungs while the other is left breathing in the gas. This trap is placed here on this list not because it lacks the gravitas of usual traps but only because of how impractical it feels. This trap is created primarily to test Cecilia and Parker, but how does John have the ability to foresee that they would escape the blood waterboarding trap and then follow through with the actions he guesses they’d commit to? Is it a cool show of character dynamic between lovers? Yes, it is. But how does Kramer know if someone has died to reduce the gas in the chamber? 

5. The Blood Waterboarding Trap: 

Saw X Traps Ranked Blood Boarding Trap

The blood waterboarding trap that Cecilia forces John into tests his ability to survive in opposition to his morality. After John lures Parker to the compound where the traps are being held, Cecelia manages to put John in the trap with Carlos, the child whom John helped earlier in the film. This trap ranks at number five for a similar reason to that of the burning gas chamber trap – the dynamic of those in the trap is interesting since John himself is placed in the trap with a child, which gives viewers a more humane viewpoint of the major villain as he purposefully waterboards himself to avoid hurting a child, it also shows how strong Carlos is when he yanks the lever and alleviates John of his waterboarding taking the brunt to help out John. This is higher than the previous trap because of how interesting the trap is; the idea of purposefully drowning someone beats out the need to get air from a hole.

4. The Radiation Therapy Trap: 

Saw X Traps Ranked The Radiation Trap

In fourth place is the radiation therapy trap that Gabriela is placed in by John and Amanda. Gabriella, throughout the entire process of scamming John, was the most innocent in the sense that she was never in the room of John’s “operation,” so it makes sense that her trap isn’t as complicated and cruel to complete as the others like Valentina and Matteo. For that reason, though, this one ranks in fourth place because of how brutal it is in practice; with a radiation lamp on full power burning her skin until she either completes the trap or burns to death at the end of the day, it was winnable with minimal damage. The only reason this one isn’t higher than the other three is that compared to them, her way of escape is relatively simple, with her only needing to break an ankle and a wrist to get out of the trap – which she does.

3. The Pipe Bomb Trap:

Saw X Traps Ranked The Pipe Bomb Trap 

The pipe bomb trap that Diego experiences before the main four go through their traps – technically speaking, is the first trap that takes place in the narrative of the film. The pipe bomb is a trap in which the character has two pipe bombs bolted into his arms with a timer geared to go off and explode his arms. Thematically speaking, this holds a lot of weight as Diego was the driver who led John and others to the compound to get scammed. The pipe bomb trap is placed here for two reasons: the first is its pure simplicity; disbelief didn’t need to be extended, and fate wasn’t working with John so that this trap could function the way it needed to. The second reason is that Diego survives – the execution of both the trap and the escape was so engaging to watch, making this trap feel like the Jigsaw who set up the traps in the first few movies.

2. The Bone Marrow Trap: 

Saw X Traps Ranked The Bone Marrow Trap

In second place is the bone marrow trap that Valentina experiences at the start of the four-person test in the compound. Valentina experiences the worst trap of them all in terms of pain, and maybe one of the most painful in the entire series as a whole. This is kind of confusing as her actions in the film weren’t as bad as someone like Cecelia’s, so a big question was why is she the one going through all of this pain. She was given the daunting task of sawing off her leg, to then have to stick a tube in it to suction out the bone marrow in her thigh. This trap is the first runner-up for its pure brutality. Valentina suffered so much during this scene, but out of all of them, it felt the most like the saw trap. The sound design on this scene alone placed it in the top three, with each gushing sound sending flinches throughout the audience. 

1. The Brain Surgery Trap: 

Saw X Traps Ranked The Brain Surgery Trap

In first place is the brain surgery trap that Matteo is placed into, going in order right after Valentina. Matteo is given the task of carving into his skull and cutting out a piece of his brain matter to place in a beaker. This trap takes first place because of how phenomenal it is. Because, of course, it is. A man had to perform brain surgery on himself – this one was so well done and beat Valentina’s trap because of how intense it was to watch this. Similar to the previous entry, the sound design used during the scene had people in the theater physically closing their eyes and ears, praying for it to be over soon. This would’ve been the perfect trap if he survived, as he was so close to getting the amount of brain matter necessary to survive his trap. This harkened back to traps like the Death Mask, otherwise known as the Venus Flytrap from Saw II, and felt like something that, though brutal, gives the test subject an injury that will stick with them for life while also being something they could live with, unlike the previous entry.

A Devastatingly Worthy Submission

Saw X is a worthy submission to the series and stands out above all the others, placing it at the top of the pack in a ten-film series. For the initial viewing, this is something necessary to watch in theaters surrounded by those who have the same love of this series. However, when it comes to re-watchability, this is a movie to watch with a fellow horror lover on streaming. 

Watch Saw X in any theater and stream it on Prime Video.

Saw X (2023) Official Lionsgate Movies Trailer

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