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David Fincher Reveals Secrets Behind Unmade ‘World War Z’ Sequel

world war z sequel

New Details on the Unmade Sequel Were Revealed

Released in 2013 and directed by Marc Forster, World War Z was well-received by audiences, earning high reviews. The film became Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing film earningm $540 million at the box office. 

After the box office success of the film, a sequel was announced. David Fincher, the acclaimed director of popular films such as Fight Club, Seven, and The Social Network, was later confirmed as director. 

World War Z or The Last of Us?

In a new interview, the Gone Girl director was asked about the unmade film. “Well, it was a little like The Last of Us,” Fincher explained. “I’m glad that we didn’t do what we were doing because The Last of Us has a lot more real estate to explore the same stuff.” The Last of Us premiered earlier this year on MAX to critical and commercial success. Similar to World War Z, the series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, exploring viruses and fungus through a zombie-centered story.

Fincher went on to state, “In our title sequence, we were going to use the little parasite. They used it in their title sequence, and in that wonderful opening with the Dick Cavett, David Frost-style talk show.”

Celebrating 10 years

World War Z celebrated its 10th anniversary in June of this year. The film followed Brad Pitt as former U.N. Investigator Gerry Lane, who finds himself stuck in a chaotic world-ending pandemic. When a lethal virus can be transmitted through a single bite, healthy people begin turning into feral zombie-like beings. As the virus spreads and threatens the end of humanity, Gerry is left leading a search to find the source of the virus, as well as a cure to end it. 

Resorting back to the source material

During the director’s interview, the original novel written by Max Brooks that spawned World War Z was mentioned. Since the first film drifted away from the source material, Fincher was asked if the sequel would have taken inspiration from the book. Fincher replied with “No,” adding, “But there is some talk of doing that.” Other outlets have interpreted this comment as meaning another film is still in the works.

Fincher is currently promoting a new film titled The Killer. The movie is now playing in select theaters before releasing on Netflix on November 10th. 

World War Z is currently streaming for free on Pluto TV. 

world war z sequel

Official World War Z Trailer

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