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Harry Potter Stunt Double Tells His Story in First Trailer for ‘The Boy Who Lived’ Documentary

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A tragedy magically turns into inspiration

There’s a new “boy who lived,” and his name is David Holmes. A new trailer has dropped for the upcoming HBO documentary about a stunt double from the Harry Potter Franchise whose world changed after a debilitating spinal injury on set left him paralyzed.

The Boy Who Lived 

The official trailer was released for David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived. A documentary about Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double, who was left paralyzed after an accident on the set of Deathly Hallows Part 1. Daniel Radcliffe himself is an executive producer on the project. The documentary shows just how close he and David Holmes currently are and their bond throughout the Harry Potter films. Daniel and David practically grew up together from working on the movies together. According to Radcliffe, “He just seemed like a cool older brother.” He even praised David for his ability, “He would do the most dangerous physical stuff.”

Being a stuntman is a dream job for some, just like it was for David Holes, but it’s also a job with immense risk. Throughout the trailer, fans see the many dangerous stunts that Homes seems to do with ease. Some stunts were famous scenes in the Harry Potter films.

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Not A Story Of Tragedy 

Besides hardcore Harry Potter fans, many people might not have known of the accident that happened to David Holmes. This documentary is a great way to bring awareness in safety when it comes to stuntmen and women in the industry. Executive producer Radcliffe spoke on the accident for a moment in the trailer, “It is unfair. He shouldn’t have had to do any of that,” and “This terrible thing happened to Dave, but I don’t want to talk as if his life is a tragedy. The way his life has affected the lives of people around him means that it is the furthest thing from that imaginable.”

Fans can expect more laughs and a more hopeful message with this documentary as it is clear nobody wants this to be a tragedy-style film. The documentary is directed by Dan Hartley and produced by Sky and HBO Documentary Films. David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived debuts Wednesday, Nov. 15. The documentary will air on HBO and streaming on MAX.

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David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived (2023) HBO Official Trailer

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