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Steven Tyler Faces Second Sexual Assault Suit

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The Aerosmith Frontman Faces Another Sexual Assault Suit Within A Year

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is facing another sexual assault lawsuit as a second woman comes forward alleging that Tyler assaulted her as a teenager in a phone booth in 1975. 

Suit Claims Power, Influence, and Authority Used in the Assault

Jean Bellino, a child model, alleges in the suit that Tyler assaulted her twice at the “approximate age of 17, in approximately 1975,” when Tyler was 27 years old. 

According to NBC News, Bellino says, “Tyler used his power, influence, and authority, as a well-known musician, to sexually assault” her. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the New York Supreme Court and states that Bellino was a child model who participated in many fashion shows on the weekends. After one of these shows, she had the chance to meet the band at the Warwick Hotel in New York City. The suit alleges that on the way to the hotel, Tyler forced her into a phone booth, kissed her, and groped her. The lawsuit further alleges that Tyler assaulted her once they got to the hotel. 

The suit claims that Bellino was hospitalized and medicated due to the assault. Also, Bellino claims that she has suffered permanent emotional and physical distress and has been unable to enjoy a normal life as a result of Tyler’s actions. 

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Bracing for a Another One

This is the second sexual assault currently faced by Tyler, as almost a year ago, another woman, Julia Misley, sued the frontman, alleging sexual battery, sexual assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Tyler has denied Misley’s allegations, arguing that he had consent because her parents signed over legal guardianship to him so that he could take her on tour and across state lines. In his 2011 memoir, Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?, Tyler wrote that “he almost took a teen bride,” which was cited by Misley in her lawsuit. Tyler argued that his admission in the book was protected free speech to attempt to get that part of the charges dismissed.

Bellino’s suit is requesting an “amount that will fully and fairly compensate [her] for [her] injuries and damages,” according to NBC News. 

Stay tuned for more information on this case.

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