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Chucky is the Newest Slasher to Become Playable in ‘Dead by Daylight’

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You Can Finally Be The Murderous Doll You’ve Always Wanted to Be!

Dead by Daylight is back with a new horror character, everyone’s favorite murderous doll, Chucky! The Child’s Play franchise star will be joining a long roster of horror villains, including those such as Leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger, and many more. Halloween has clearly not ended yet, especially in the world of Dead by Daylight, where horror constantly prevails. The multiplayer survival horror game continues to surprise fans and players by adding fun characters and villains to try out, each with their own unique abilities. Chucky only makes sense when looking at the varying classic villains already attained by the company to add to the video game. It’s time to dive into everything about Chucky’s Dead by Daylight debut! 

A Dead By Daylight Crash Course 

The game, as previously stated, is a multiplayer survival horror game that was released on Windows in 2016. It was later released on other platforms, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, years later. The game has four survivors and a killer. All of them are playable characters; there are no NPCs here. Those playing as the survivors are tasked with fixing the generators around the map in order to open the gates and escape the killer. What really makes the game fun to play is the character mechanics, such as giving each killer unique abilities based on the character or having perks that provide each player with advantages throughout the game. The atmosphere is terrifying, and the actions are gory, especially each of the killers’ unique kill animations. It may seem like a simple game, but it all comes together to make a great horror game that you can play with other fellow horror fans. 

Other than the mechanics and rules of the game, there is a fun yet complex backstory to the game. At the start, Dead by Daylight had a simple slasher history with simple characters. One of the original killers, The Hillbilly, was a neglected son whose parents locked him away due to his deformity. He ends up getting free and killing his family with a chainsaw and hammer. Now, with all the newly added characters, the lore has gotten quite “messy,” but in a good way. Players can now mix and match survivors and killers from various horror universes and create their own stories with their chosen characters. I mean, who could explain how Michael Myers and Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things can end up in Midwich Elementary from Silent Hill? Nobody can, but it’s fun regardless. This adds a level of creativity and personalization to the game that keeps players engaged and excited.

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The Newest Member To Join 

The announcement of Chucky joining the line-up of villains was made on Wednesday, November 8, with him actually being added on November 28 of this year. Alongside Chucky, his bride, Tiffany Valentine, will be joining the cast of killers. The tiny killers are ready to slash their way through the maps and excite horror fans who have been waiting for this release. 

To make fans happier about the addition, both killer dolls will be voiced by their original actors, Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly. This will definitely add a sense of nostalgia and authenticity to the game, as it will reflect the original films almost exactly. What’s even more interesting and exciting are the mechanics and abilities behind Chucky’s character, which reflect his movie counterpart perfectly. In the game, Chucky will have impeccable sneaking abilities. You will rarely be able to detect his presence, increasing the survivors’ anxiety in each round. He can also “vault through windows and under pallets, allowing him to close in on his unsuspecting prey.” What could be more terrifying than catching a glimpse of a small, sinister figure moving through the darkness? 

Even more impressively, Chucky will be able to lunge forward to attack survivors, much like he does in the movies. He will then proceed to slice Survivors open with his “slice and dice” ability. His final unique skill helps him level the playing field in terms of sizing. Obviously, his petite frame keeps him at a disadvantage compared to other “human-sized” characters. However, Chucky can also manifest his pre-doll human form, Charles Lee Ray, as a spirit to help him out. He clearly won’t have any issues looking over high walls with Charles around. 

Overall, this addition will only make the game more entertaining and expand the ever-changing lore of this iconic horror game. Get ready to play with Chucky on November 28. 

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Dead by Daylight (2023) Official Chucky Trailer

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