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Nintendo Announces New ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Movie In The Works

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Nintendo Is Branching From One Kingdom To The Next

Universal Pictures and Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie has paved the way for other Nintendo games to have their own film adaptations released in theaters. Fans worldwide have no doubt shown endless love and praise since its debut, and the movie even scored among the top ten animated films ever released. And because it was such a success, fans have begun to wonder whether or not they can expect to see more films from Nintendo in the future, including some other fan-favorite titles. 

Some have speculated properties like Metroid or Kirby as the next franchise to take up the mantle. But among the rest, one game that most fans have wanted to be turned into a film for years now is The Legend of Zelda. For those unfamiliar with the game, the franchise takes place in a fantasy adventure world, with most of its games revolving around a young swordsman named Link. Link embarks on an epic quest to save Princess Zelda from the mighty and terrifying Ganondorf, who has kidnapped her to obtain immeasurable power and rule Hyrule. And now, fans may be delighted to hear that their wish may soon come true. 

The Legend of Zelda to be Nintendo’s Next Movie?

On Tuesday, November 7, Miyamoto (creator of the Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda games) sent out a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) regarding an upcoming project and revealing some exciting news. “This is Miyamoto. I have been working on the live-action film of The Legend of Zelda for many years now with Avi Arad-san, who has produced many mega-hit films,” Miyamoto said on Nintendo’s X account. “We have officially started the development of the film with Nintendo itself heavily involved in the production. It will take time until its completion, but I hope you look forward to seeing it.” 

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This is exciting news, as Avi Arad has taken part in producing some of the most critically acclaimed films to date. Some of the best include Spider-Man into the Spider-verse, Venom, and Iron Man. Given that Link’s character revolves around being the Hero of Hyrule, it is amazing to hear about his involvement in the upcoming Zelda project, as we can expect the film to receive the same love, care, and direction Arad has put into other superhero films. 

Cast and Release Date 

As of right now, no other information has been given about the cast or release date. Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until more updates are given about the project, but stay tuned on our page for more information about it in the future.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023) Nintendo Official Trailer

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