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Blumhouse’s “Night Swim” is Officially Rated PG-13

Night Swim by Blumhouse gets a PG 13 Rating Feet in the water of a swimming pool.

Marco Polo is the Theme Song of this Devastating Horror

Blumhouse is back with another horror movie. Night Swim has gotten its official rating, and the trailer is especially chilling.

Y’all Ready?

Blumhouse is responsible for some of the best horror movies of this generation. Some of its previous movies are the current popular Five Nights at Freddy’s, M3GAN, Totally Killer, and Get Out. The new addition, Night Swim, will follow a family that has just moved into a new house and, as the dad says, has a pool, which he’s always wanted. The father, Ray, convinces his wife, Eve, that their new home’s backyard pool will be fun for the kids and give him the physical therapy he needs to return to pro ball. Unfortunately, the home has a dark secret and a paranormal spirit that will take the family’s hope away, drowning them in fear.

Killer Ratings

No one will be able to see a swimming pool after buying and moving into a new house and feel safe about it again. Killer news for teenagers is in store! Night Swim has officially gotten a PG-13 rating. This rating means that teenagers can see this fantastical Blumhouse film. The film earned this rating due to terror, some violent content, and language.

It is an American horror supernatural film based on the short film from 2014 by Bryce McGuire and Rod Blackhurst. McGuire directs the film and should be on every horror fan’s watchlist for the new year. The producer is James Wan, the filmmaker behind Saw, The Black Phone, and more.

Night Swim by Blumhouse achieves a PG13 Rating. A girl has her eyes closed in a swimming pool as she plays Marco Polo.

Killer Survivors

Blumhouse is well known for its captivating horror movies as well as its favorable cast. Starring in the killer cast is Wyatt Russell as Ray Waller. Russell is best known for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Joining Russell is Amelie Hoeferie as Izzy Waller. Hoeferie is best known for her roles in The Boogeywoman and Scary Story. In addition, Kerry Condon plays Eve Waller. Condon is best known for her roles in Unleashed and The Banshees of Inisherin. The final star of the film is Gavin Warren as Elliot Waller. Warren is best known for his roles in The Unbreakable Boy and Back Roads. If the trailer is any indication of what’s to come, audiences will be on the edge of their seats in fear.

Swimming into the New Year

What’s lurking at the bottom of your swimming pool? Ring in the new year with this terrifying film. Night Swim will be exclusively released in theaters on January 5th, 2024. Once it leaves theaters, it will be available to watch on Peacock along with other Blumhouse movies. The game Marco Polo will never be the same for those who watch the film as the person or spirit that answers might not be the friendliest. It’s unclear how similar the film will be to the original short film, but considering Bryce McGuire, who was behind the original film and is on the team for this movie, similarities are highly expected. Watch the original short film on YouTube posted by Rod Blackhurst now in preparation for the chilling horror movie that is only a few months away. Just search “night swim short film,” and it should be the first video! Stay tuned for more teaser trailers and information.

Night Swim by Blumhouse achieved a PG13 rating. A man stands in the sun by the swimming pool.

Night Swim (2024) Official Universal Pictures Trailer

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