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Meet Anxiety in the First Teaser for ‘Inside Out 2’

Inside Out 2

No Need to Get Anxious...

Most people probably feel like little people are controlling them in their heads, at least after watching Inside Out. Well, if there were not plenty of emotions before, let’s add anxiety to the Inside Out crew for the sequel.

The Little Voices Inside Your Head

Inside Out is a Disney/Pixar comedy film from 2015. Riley is a happy eleven-year-old midwestern girl. Everything changes when her parents move her to San Francisco. Up until now, Riley’s emotions were led by Joy. Now, all of them, but mostly Joy, must work together to get her through this emotional and stressful event. The stress of the move and leaving her friends behind causes Sadness to move her way to the control panel. Joy and Sadness are pushed into the back parts of Riley’s mind, leaving Anger, Fear, and Disgust in control of Riley’s emotions, which makes things turn even more upside down.

Know You Inside and Out 

In the original film, Joy is played by Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation and Sisters). Sadness is played by Phyllis Smith (The OA and The Office). Mindy Kaling plays Disgust (The Mindy Project and The Office). Bill Hader is the voice of Fear (Barry and Trainwreck). Riley is voiced by Kaitlyn Dias (In the Forest and The Shifting). Anger by Lewis Black (Man of the Year and Accepted). The loveable Bing Bong by Richard Kind (Spin City and The Outlaws). All the emotions look the same and seem to have the same personalities based on the teaser. The box office for this film hit over 850 million, so it’s not surprising that it got a sequel, especially with this great cast. The console in the teaser trailer has become orange and takes the emotions out of their comfort.

Inside Out 2

Everything Changes

With Inside Out 2, everything has changed, and new emotions will be introduced. Anxiety has become Riley’s newest emotion in the teaser trailer, and based on the poster, it seems more emotions will join her already crowded head. The film returns to the mind of Riley, who is now a teenager. The headquarters inside Riley’s mind undergoes a sudden demolition to make room for their new emotions. The old emotions aren’t exactly sure how to respond to their new roommate, Anxiety, who, in the teaser trailer, uses the word “we,” hinting towards the new emotions seen peeking out in the movie poster. Anxiety will be voiced by Maya Hawke. Hawke is an American actress and singer-songwriter best known for her roles in Stranger Things and Do Revenge. Poehler, Smith, and Black are returning their voices for Joy, Sadness, and Anger. However, Fear and Disgust have gotten new voices. Tony Hale (Veep and Hocus Pocus 2) will be voicing Fear and Liza Lapira (The Equalizer and Must Love Christmas) will voice Disgust. Inside Out 2 will be directed by Kelsey Mann and produced by Mark Nielson. Though there are casting changes and production team (director and producer) changes, great things are still expected for this highly anticipated film.

This Summer

Exploring Riley’s journey into becoming a teenager will certainly be a wild ride, especially in her mind with the addition of new emotions. Furthermore, when it comes to her body, some speculate that the anticipated sequel will be about Riley hitting puberty, according to “oscars.org.” The reasoning for the recast of Fear and Disgust is allegedly due to salary disputes, according to Variety Magazine. The expected release date for the film is June 14, 2024, about nine years after the original film. The film will be released exclusively in theaters. More information will hopefully be available soon, along with a full trailer and more details on the remaining unidentified emotions.

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 (2023) Official Disney Trailer

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