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Why FoodFight! is the Worst Animated Film of All Time


Take a Look Back at an Animated Film Unlike Any Other

Animation has come a long way since its conception in the early 20th century. From traditional hand-drawn films like Fantasia and Cinderella (1950) to CGI movies like Toy Story (1995) and Shrek (2001), animation continues to be an innovative medium that deserves more respect than it gets. However, with many groundbreakers come a few missteps. One of these missteps was the movie Foodfight! (2012). 

Brief History

Before diving deep into why this film isn’t good, here is a brief history that will come into play later. The film’s story was conceived by Joshua Wexler and Lawerence Kasanoff as a story about food icons in a world inside a grocery store. It was set to have several popular food brands, such as Lucky Charms and Cheetos, with Chester Cheetah even appearing in the film’s original teaser. The filmmakers then would acquire an all-star cast of Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Wayne Brady, and even Christopher Llyod. The movie was nearly complete with a set release in December 2003 before the footage was stolen and never found.

The filmmakers then started from scratch, which caused numerous delays and the budget increase to $65 million, resulting in many companies taking their food icons out of the movie, including Chester Cheetah. Foodfight! was eventually released in June 2012 on VOD, although the UK did receive a theatrical release.

The Characters Are a Wide Range of Unpleasant 

When it comes to the characters, they are all over the place, and none of it is good. Some are confusing, such as the main character, Dex Dogtective (Charlie Sheen), a dog mascot for raisins. Yes, raisins, as in the food that is notoriously poisonous to dogs. He’s overall pretty bland as a protagonist, with Sheen sounding completely disinterested throughout the movie. Then some characters are supposed to replace the icons that filmmakers couldn’t use, but they come across as cheap substitutes. They come across like the filmmakers were trying to get back at the companies that said no. 

Then there are the actual food icons like Charlie Tuna (Jeff Bergman) and Mrs. Buttersworth (Edie McClurg), who despite being on the movie’s poster front and center, are barely in it and have little impact on the overall story. Some of the other characters are sadly a bunch of ethnic stereotypes. For a movie that took a decade to make, the fact that no one seemingly during production thought that was a bad choice is quite astounding. Most supporting characters are obnoxious, with the actors being way too over-the-top.

Writing Filled with Puns and Ideas From Other Movies

A lot of the dialogue in this movie is puns. Most of them are food puns which, while fitting for a film about food icons, start to get old fast because almost every other line is a food pun and not a particularly clever one. Some of the lines Dex says like “Time to banana and split out my club” or “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a spam,” feel very forced. Some puns serve as the titular adult jokes present in most children’s media. Most of them are said through the character Lady X (Eva Longoria) with lines such as, “I just want to scrub your bubbles.” The character comes across as a dollar-store version of Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner). The adult jokes, much like the food puns, feel forced but also a little sleazy.


The film’s overall story takes ideas from others, with one in particular that is used the most. There’s a resistance against a fascist government that takes shelter in a bar owned by a jilted man who used to be in love. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that is the same plot as Casablanca (1942), otherwise known as one of the most famous movies in cinematic history. Now Foodfight! is not a complete carbon copy of Casablanca, but still. 

The Animation is Almost Indescribable 

Now, the animation. So many ways to describe it. Many have said it looks like the “ugliest thing ever made” since the characters have creepy yet bland facial expressionism, and the world appears unpolished. The film was originally supposed to be more of a CG version of Looney Tunes (1930). Then the director, Kasnoff, who had never directed a single film in his life and had no experience in animation, decided to change it so that the movie would use motion capture to make it look more “realistic” in his own words. Supposedly, some of his directions to the animators included saying, “Make it 50% more awesome,” with some of the animators describing the process as if he were speaking another language. The characters have one emotion as their facial expression with their arms doing all the expressing but look awkward and lifeless. They move very stiffly. The original animation in the film’s 2002 teaser actually looks pretty decent. Not great, but still better than the final product. 

As mentioned before, this movie had a budget of $65 million. Granted, a film’s budget is used in so many areas, and given the big-name actors attached, it’s possible a lot went to them. Then there is, of course, the food companies since, although many pulled out, the filmmakers would still have to pay them, so the animation department might not have had a lot of money to work with. However, if an animated movie doesn’t have enough money for its animation, then perhaps it shouldn’t get made at all. 

The Legacy of Foodfight!

Foodfight! has been described by many as “the worst animated movie of all time,” and it’s not hard to see why. The characters are bad, the writing is annoying, and the animation feels like a fever dream. Regardless of how one might feel about modern animated films from Disney, Netflix, or even Sony, it’s more than likely they will be more pleasant to watch than this movie. In the end, Foodfight! is one of a kind. Hopefully it stays that way. 

Foodfight! can be bought or rented on Google Play Movies & TV.


Foodfight! Official Viva Pictures Trailer

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