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‘Ahsoka’: Who Is Darth Sion?

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The only true immortal Sith Lord, that’s who…

In the Ahsoka premier, a pretty huge name was dropped: the Eye of Sion, whom true “Star Wars” enthusiasts will recognize as one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time. But who was Darth Sion, and does this reference mean we can expect to see a connection to the self-titled Lord of Pain on Ahsoka, the new series on Disney+? 

Geeze, Dave, Name Drop Much! 

It’s clear Dave Filoni, creator of the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and now Ahsoka (streaming on Disney Plus), is a fan of Star Wars Legends ( (a non-canonical Star Wars timeline), cherry-picking from lore like the Timothy Zahn original Thrawn Trilogy and The Courtship of Princess Leia. This was no clearer than when the Eye of Sion, a massive hyperspace transport ring (Filoni’s take on a Stargate), just happens to share a name with a famous Sith that fans of “Knights of the Old Republic 2” will surely recognize. And if you didn’t play “KOTOR II,” well, that’s why Google was invented. 

According to Legends, about 4000 years ago, give or take a few decades, Sith Lord Exar Kun led a crusade against the Jedi Knights. But while Exar Kun was busy hunting down Sith artifacts and dealing with annoying Jedi like the Qel Droma brothers, Darth Sion was busy kicking a$$ and taking names. 

Darth Sion was one of Kun’s Marauders, serving a similar (but certainly more violent) role as Jedi Knights, but whereas Jedi Knights were peacekeepers, marauders were war bringers. Darth Sion was driven by bloodthirsty combat. But he felt the flesh was weak and fueled his dark rage by the pain he inflicted on others and, in turn, had inflicted on him. As a little green guy once said, “Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering,” and boy did Darth Sion suffer for his hate.

A Pathway Most Unnatural  

Much like light Jedi Ghosts, the Sith also have ways to extend their lifespan. Palpatine did this through Sith alchemy and cloning, but Sion’s approach was more straightforward. Darth Sion was overconfident, to say the least, believing that the Dark Side of the Force made him all but invincible. And for a while, that theory held true. Until one fine day, Darth Sion met his match at the hands of a particularly talented Jedi Knight, and well… he died. 

Unlike other Sith before him, after his first death, his spirit lingered, refusing to pass on. Instead, his anger fueled a dark resurrection – the Dark Side surged through him, and he arose as a sort of Sith revenant, a zombie, a force vampire that feeds on pain. Whatever you call it, Darth Sion was, for all intents and purposes, an immortal undead Sith. And then he promptly killed the Jedi that killed him. Wah-wah.

So, as you might expect, an unkillable Sith Warrior is, like, um, bad news for Jedi. Darth Sion embarked on what can only be described as an orgy of slaughter, and the Jedi didn’t fare so well; in fact, this period is lovingly referred to as the First Jedi Purge. Oh, more than a few Jedi killed Darth Sion again and again and again, but he just kept getting back up. While the Dark Side of the Force did hold him together, technically, much like any zombie, his body festered like an open wound as more and more of his flesh was claimed by wounds that would not heal. More importantly, while Darth Sion was technically able to live forever, the question was what he was living for.

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Vader… I’m Your (God)father… 

It’s clear to even a casual Star Wars lover that Sith Lords like Darth Malak, Darth Malgus, and, yes, Darth Revan borrowed liberties from Darth Vader’s designs, expanding and refining them in various ways. If you think of Vader as a tortured soul, both in body and spirit, then Darth Sion might be seen as a spiritual godfather to Vader, or Vader prototype, if you will. 

In the same way that you could see, Darth Vader was a combination of ideas first introduced in Darth Tyrannus (a noble warrior with misguided ideals) and General Grievous (a cyborg, more machine than lizard). Darth Sion is a fusion of Vader’s rage and pain. Much like Vader, this pain defines him and brings him purpose. Vader had a lot of time in his castle on Mustafar to muse on his chronic pain and channel it into something productive (like scheming against the Emperor or hunting down his son), while Darth Sion, on the other hand, seemed to lose his sense of purpose over time. That is until he was finally bested by an exiled Jedi named Meetra Surik, who had her connection to the force stripped away and had learned not to rely on it. In fact, her lack of reliance on it was the antithesis of Sion’s complete reliance on it.

Besting Sion in combat repeatedly, he started to see the wisdom in her words; perhaps living like an immortal zombie in pain, every minute of existence wasn’t as great as he thought it was. Much like Luke would do four thousand years later, Surik helped Darth Sion realize that releasing his pain would help him find peace. And so, after dying many, many times, he finally let go and joined the Living Force. And has not been seen or heard from since, until Dave Filoni casually named the Eye of Sion after him, causing Star Wars geeks everywhere to lose their minds for 13 parsecs. And in fairness, as seen from the cockpit, the forward visor does bear an unmistakable resemblance to an eye.

Will Darth Sion Appear In Ahsoka? 

While it’s doubtful he’ll make an appearance in Season 2 of Ahsoka, Darth Sion is stuck in Star Wars Legends for now.

In the meantime, check out the Ahsoka trailer below, now streaming on Disney+.

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Ahsoka (2023) Disney+ Official Trailer

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